By Embarrassed Swimmer - 11/12/2011 07:23 - Australia

Today, I went to the pool with my new white bathers. I felt really good about myself because everyone was staring at me until this hot guy came up to me and said "Dude, your bathers are see-through. You need to shave!" FML
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FunnyGuy5051 7

before I realized where u lived I was like "who would swim in the cold"

Are bather's swim suits?


FunnyGuy5051 7

before I realized where u lived I was like "who would swim in the cold"

Pretty sure there are indoor pools people go to.

FunnyGuy5051 7

ohh, I misread it and thought op said (s)he went swimming at the beach

I have never heard them called bathers and by the way Rad old escape the fate picture

excellent observation sir!

jacob4848 4

It's not the 80's anymore shave that Afro.

I think it's sad how people reply to comment number one just to get their comment read by people because nobody wants to scroll through 3 pages to read someones comment.** ** does not apply if reply is related to #1s original comment Oh shit my comment dos not relate to #1's comment

nattynatters 14

Also... It's 90* and higher where op lives. Google man. Takes 2 seconds.

I have a boner now.

tweetbaby14 18

Pube fros get you all hot and bothered? Even though they could be housing crabs, bits of toilet paper and pantie/jean lint? You know what... That is sexy.

35- first of all, you need to be slapped across the face. Hard. The irony in your post is lethal. So what if people do it? I don't quite remember seeing a rule against it. And it's not like EVERYONE posts on 1st comment. So kindly take your pointless argument, and shove it up your ass. Idiot.

14- how in the hell do you get beach from anything in this FML

111- sorry my brother and I basically share an account.

2ndSucks 15

I like how stupid commenters always blame their siblings for their dumbass remarks.

Shaving is always good my friend.

DDbaconcrazy 1

Me too!!!

zaleh 23

the 80's have been fun :)

120, yeah so did I, till my girlfriend thought it'd be funny to go on my Facebook, google+, FML, TWI, And anything else that can have comments/posts and typed random crap xD. But I they are using them as an excuse, they can go dig a hole and die In it.

14, we can still go to the beach in San Diego :)

sabrinaFML 0

Ur an effin retard

sabrinaFML 0

Im sayin this to 1

sabrinaFML 0

Haha ur hilarious -_-

pinkpolarbear 8

1, Escape The Fate FTW. My cousin is best friends with max an i got to meet him. Hella chill but sucks he is in rehab. Or at least was.

FunnyGuy5051 7

231, that's awesome, I love them and been to one of there concerts

Sweet pic 1 Ronnie Radke is the shit

Ummm duuuudde it's not cold rite now in australia

Link5794 18

And you're not, so stop trying to be. You're just digging yourself deeper.

oreobunbun 3

At first I thought that op meant white "people"

Gotta shave does pubbies.

At least there wasn't gum in her hair

I know that his completely irrelevant, but your profile picture is absolutely adorable 70.

It's coming for you 212... Watch out.

212: Of course it's relevant. It's a hairy pussy for god's sake.

Are bather's swim suits?

adamjohnson 5

I would guess so idk though I live in the USA

Yeah they are :)

I'd assume so. Didn't know any country called them that, though....

omarzrgz 3

White bikinis is the greatest invention ever :D but only if it's not that hairy down there

flockz 19

it doesn't matter what color they are when they're on the bedroom floor.

Yes it's an Aussie thing to say

We also call our swim suits; swimmers, swimming costume, cozzies, togs, speedo's and swimming trunks along with bathers. :)

I absolutely love your profile picture! Doctor Who FTW!

Love it too!!! :D I

bamagrl410 31

Swimming costume? Haha that's kinda badass. I wish we called it that. Never heard the words cozzies or togs though. You learn something new every day.

Hahaha it's so weird that we don't even realise that the words we use are slang. I thought everyone called them cozzies and swimmers lol.

In the uk we use the same as Australia then, haha

my irish boyfriend calls them togs as well so i started calling them that. before that i learned to call them ‘swimming trunks’ in english class where i grew up in switzerland.

every1luvsboners 11

Tell him it's the new protective water-proof wool that keeps the chlorine out of your system.

socalsky 0


1 is retarded

You're* retarded.

nattynatters 14


5- you're not doin much better yourself.

I up voted #1 just cuz you're an asshole

cash_monkey72 9

In soviet Russia, comment thumb you up!

Well, it's something you and 1 have in common

cutielilangel 8

Lol so many downvotes!

Kaffle 5

5 no baka

DKParth13 5

38 thank you captain obvious !

Wow, these people don't like you.

No mom you are!!

aidanpoopnuggs 0


rmbroad 0

Haha i laughed

sabrinaFML 0

I agree 1 is an asshole

That's just common sense, OP.

Buttsexpirate 9

So I'm guessing that they were actually really black then?

Little black curly hair!?

Pubic afro!!

Why wouldn't you shave if you are putting bathers on?

No kidding. No shave November is over!

Because its the style thease days

Steve95401 49

At least trim the pubes and thin out the forest.

114- "thease"? Oh lord...

Embrace the pubes!

RedPillSucks 31

I always do, but then she beats me off.

desireev 17

Lmao Maybe you should observe these things before you go swimming!! I would have died laughing if I'd seen that!!! Lmao

desireev 17

YDI by the way

tweetbaby14 18

Probably didn't notice they could be seen through because they weren't wet at the time?

12 is a real bitch

You sound like bratty twat

desireev 17

I'm a bitch?? Lmao for finding humor in the fact that someone didn't shave before going swimming? Let alone, in a WHITE swimsuit??? Ok!! Ya I'm the bitch!! Lmao

desireev 17

That's a good one by the way! Bratty twat... Bet it felt good saying that!! Twat is a pretty gross word.. You should watch your mouth. It's not cute!!

desireev 17

And that's why you shave before you go swimming!! No matter what color swimsuit you're wearing!!!

Seriously, quit the 'lmao'.

Maybe OP isn't used to being completely bare down there. I didn't realise that in order to wear a swimsuit, you have to be completely shaven. I'm sure there were no hairs poking out the sides. You don't always expect swimsuits to become see-through. I have a white bathing suit that isn't see-through. Don't be such a cunt. Is cunt better than twat? I think so.