By Anonymous - 22/05/2010 00:19 - United States

Today, at the pool, I tried to impress the hot lifeguard by doing the perfect dive. Afterward, I realized my shorts were floating through the water. FML
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hawkie409 0
FYLDeep 25

Lol, what if the lifeguard was a guy?

WingsFan80 4

the lifeguard was a dude haha

gzmn91 6

8 - yeah he could of just talked to her. Unless she was really out of his league.

Maybe he did impress her just not with his swimming skills...

YDI for showing your weiner... before the first date ;)

haha obviously she wasn't impressed with you package if your writen an fml

Giorgio272 2

I would like to know if the lifeguard was a hot chick with nice boobs. or a buff guy with a decent package. pics please. anti flood ftw anti flood ftw anti flood ftw

In Soviet Russia lifeguards loose swimsuits to impress you.

YDI for attempting to show off. Just talk to a girl next time. We like it more if guys have the guts to talk to us. If they show off, they often seem like annoying douches. (in this case, you were ok) But didja still impress her? ;D

Oh, Hawkie, I LOVE the pikachu. It's so adorable!! XD

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umm why don't you try being yourself silly goose :) ughhh anti-flooood

Kylias 6

You deserve it for thinking that's impressive.

impressive dive but what's in your pants must've not been

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I'm guessing your lil guy down there didn't impress her either

theian01 3

In Soviet Russia, "lose" and "loose" swap meanings. >_> Sorry, it just annoys me, I used to do it too.

...No Comment ,You Know Im Pretty Sure U Sorta Did It Wrong LOL

superman1392 0

next time piss while ur diving in the water, that's impressive

that'll impress her, no get her to do one where she looses her top

MiGman 5

op it probably impressed her more

Probably not. LOL cool water contracts… stuff.

So did she get her pussy wet when you pretended to drown and got her to jump in and save you and then gave you CPR right?

heidelbergmeme 5

while your package was out in the wild

depending on what u got goin on down there maybe she was impresses...

tokintot07 0

yeah. I wanna know if "they" were impressed.

how can you only realize afterwards!?

hawkie409 0

After the dive, I think he means. Or he felt wind down there after exiting the pool xD

but wouldn't he have felt it coming off after the dive? shouldn't he feel naked? oh well, either way, fyl.

FYLDeep 25

Time for the no pants dance. Maybe you can combo it with the dive for double points.

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pants in the pool pants in the pool lookin like a tool with your pants in the pool