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I would like to know if the lifeguard was a hot chick with nice boobs. or a buff guy with a decent package. pics please. anti flood ftw anti flood ftw anti flood ftw


YDI for attempting to show off. Just talk to a girl next time. We like it more if guys have the guts to talk to us. If they show off, they often seem like annoying douches. (in this case, you were ok) But didja still impress her? ;D


In Soviet Russia, "lose" and "loose" swap meanings. >_> Sorry, it just annoys me, I used to do it too.


So did she get her pussy wet when you pretended to drown and got her to jump in and save you and then gave you CPR right?

but wouldn't he have felt it coming off after the dive? shouldn't he feel naked? oh well, either way, fyl.

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