By Anonymous - 11/12/2011 06:57 - United States

Today, my roomate's cats pooped on the floor again. He refuses to clean it up saying it will be easier to clean in 48 hours. FML
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Buttsexpirate 9

Rub his face in it and say "no"!

everybodyluvsMEN 0

My dog will eat that right up for you ;)


everybodyluvsMEN 0

My dog will eat that right up for you ;)

Op- shit on his floor, tell him it'll be easier to clean in 48 hours.

monkeysareyummy 0

My dog does that too.. Nasty.


lol mine to i dont have that problem with my cat cuz ma dog its it right up all of it hahaha

dogs:wont eat certin brands of dog food, eats his own shit.

happysmile987 24

I don't think it is safe for dogs to eat cat shit... It's ok if it's accidental but if you LET it eat cat shit, it's bad. Some cats carry T.Gondii (idk if I spelt that right!) which is a parasite which controls it's host's mind. It can make them irritable and dangerous to approach. It is also transmittable to humans.

Buttsexpirate 9

Rub his face in it and say "no"!

Well if OP wants it cleaned up before then, they need to clean it themselves.

I was just commenting saying that his comment was funny... Chill. "you failed" wtf

xSunnyOlivia 17

Studies show that that actually doesnt help at all. Its just getting shit shoved in your face. Thats all it is.

ClumsyKee 14

Oh ew. I know that sucks but if you don't wanna smell cat poop I suggest you just clean it up quick. :/ I wouldn't want to smell that crap for 2 days...

MerrikBarbarian 9

I think that's how the system works- its easier to clean up since room mate gets fed up with cat shit and cleans it them self, leaving said cat owner nothing to do.

ClumsyKee 14

Or OP could just move the crap onto said owner's bed so the owner could "wait the 48 hours" whilst sleeping next to it.

dsbs 9

Ugh the poop dries up making it easier to clean. Amatuers

bamagrl410 31

48 - Yes but it will dry sooner than 48 hours later. He just didn't want to do it. It's not healthy nor sanitary to let fecal matter sit around your house.

monkeysareyummy 0

I know it's not fair but you should just clean it up. Or else it will smell and will stain if it's on carpet.

every1luvsboners 11

In 48 hours you can put it in the freezer for 3-4 hours and use the nuggets as ice cubes.

Dogs are way better, get a big dog and have him chase the cat around, then tell him it's easier to catch him when he loses energy

Big dog = massive pile of dump. OP, please, make him buy a litter box and let him train the cat to use it. Oh, and if that cat smells poo on the floor, she will poo again on the floor. And again. And again.

He might just need to clean the existing litter box. Cats will pee where they smell pee, it's a territory thing. Don't think it works the same way for poo.

TheBeanieChic 1

Put it in a bag and place that shit under his pillow! That will teach him.

You use the bag to pick it up, so you don't get cat crap on your hands. You don't have to leave it in the bag when putting it in your roommate's bed... *evil giggle*

Oooo! If you do that the poo fairy will come.

Shut the cats outside for 48 hours and tell him they'll be easier to feed afterwards.

I think you need a new roommate OP. Your current one sounds like an ass.