By Fennec - 11/08/2014 19:05 - France - Paris

Today, my coworkers and I were comparing the backgrounds we have on our phones. They pretty much sum up our love lives; everyone else's background is a photo of their boyfriend or girlfriend. Mine's a photo of a lifeless desert. FML
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sexyboi1985 27

Get an older model Nokia... No background, no worries !

Mine is black. Like my soul.


sexyboi1985 27

Get an older model Nokia... No background, no worries !

AnAnorexicAsian 8

You know a lot of Chinese iPhone copies have preset backgrounds. Nearly all of them are hot Asian models on the beach, ain't even mad.

If that's what you like to see then keep it! Its about you, not your coworkers!

Yes!! Frankly I'd prefer to look at a desert than a boy/girlfriend

Or just put a woman he finds attractive in order to visualize and materialize his future wife

Plant some trees in your desert!

or if OP would like to sweeten things up add some desserts.

#21 with fancy words on it saying "dessert desert"

Mine is black. Like my soul.

Mine is of my significant other, which is my dog

HeadlessSparrow 20

I bet it looks cooler though.

Some day... Hahaha

Get a dog. Take a picture of your new dog. Set it as your background. Tell everyone who asks that your dog is the most important thing ever. Girls love animal lovers. A girl shall see your background and fall in love. Make said girl your girlfriend. Set a picture of her as your background. Problem solved.

ShadowlessSpear 21

You just used a dog to get a girl. Sleep with one eye open.

Love this plan #8. Us ladies love a guy that loves animals and babies. Nothing melts our heart quite like that.

I know a lot of girls who hate dogs, and a lot more who dislike animals in general.

#54: Eh, you can keep the babies, unless it's making a derp face I can snicker at. I squee over animals any day.

Ah shit mine is a picture of a car

then again, some people treat their car as their "baby" or babe" You're all good:)

ulissey_fml 22

Is it a Sony of the Desert ?