By bargainshopper - 16/10/2012 11:28 - South Africa - Cape Town

Today, while at a pool party, I found out the reason I got my new, white bikini at such a bargain price; it goes completely transparent when wet. I only realized this after everyone was staring at me and whistling. FML
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Why would you get a white one to begin with?

flockz 19

i bet it was designed by a boardroom of men. we are such innovators sometimes!


Bummer OP :( ! This is why i never wear white bathing suits!

Ya Op why do you think they use white t shirts in a wet t shirt contest.

Hmm lets buy them full-price from now on shall we?

blcksocks 19

This FML is an example where we all wish there was a picture option along with text ...

There are a few with a picture option but no boobies

No #32 it Optimus Prime. Everyone knows that.

Eeeeyyyyyy sexy lady! OP, OP, OP, OP, OP See-through swimsuit style!

Open punch Odorous pus Oedipus Online post Original poster Orc piss One of these

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When you read it and actually think "KillJoke Unoversity" is a real thing...

I have a feeling most people just sung that in their head.


It's implied that a white bikini is see-through.

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Why would you get a white one to begin with?

White always makes me look more tan. So maybe OP was thinking the same? But I always run my swimsuits through water the first time before wearing them out just to make sure they aren't see through.

Because white is a symbol of purity and innocence... Oh wait.

Cause of White Pow--- Yea I don't know about this....

Ive read an fml like this, where the girl bought a stylish one but it gets see through when wet was weitten a little different, take this one off asshole mods

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Most white bikinis are not meant to be seen through. Mine isn't.

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Lucky boys who were in the pool! But embarrassing and awkward for you. That sucks OP.

winnerme123 8

I wish I would have been there. :)

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We need a pic to confirm this happened OP.

Get yer **** out for the boys! Feel for you, but hope you were Brazilian:(

You should've tested it out before wearing it in public op.

HanaFML 10

Not everyone remembers to do this. People make mistakes.

Obviously, otherwise she wouldn't have posted this FML.

This is the sole reason I don't wear white in general

I rarely wear white, myself. Only 'cause I'm klutzy and end up with Ex: red wine stains on my clothes. ):

The_F3rris 11

I wear white only on spring break.

Applepants 4

At least you aren't on your period. *Shivers*

That would have been a MUCH more embarrassing FML: Today, I wore my new white bikini and Aunt Flo decided to a make an angry appearance.... While I flashed the whole pool due to the opacity of my bargain suit. FML

flockz 19

i bet it was designed by a boardroom of men. we are such innovators sometimes!

Natalle11 6

A man the created the tampon.... I feel bad for the woman who had to test it....

p3mguin 7

Yeah, white isn't to good for a bathing suit in the first place.

Who needs x-ray vision when you're wearing a see-through bikini?