By bargainshopper - South Africa - Cape Town
Today, while at a pool party, I found out the reason I got my new, white bikini at such a bargain price; it goes completely transparent when wet. I only realized this after everyone was staring at me and whistling. FML
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  smiliecat  |  13

White always makes me look more tan. So maybe OP was thinking the same? But I always run my swimsuits through water the first time before wearing them out just to make sure they aren't see through.

  305Miami  |  0

Ive read an fml like this, where the girl bought a stylish one but it gets see through when wet was weitten a little different, take this one off asshole mods

  badbadkitty  |  5

That would have been a MUCH more embarrassing FML: Today, I wore my new white bikini and Aunt Flo decided to a make an angry appearance.... While I flashed the whole pool due to the opacity of my bargain suit. FML