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Today, I went to the doctor to have my annual check-up. After the doctor made me waddle across the room towards him, hop on one foot for thirty seconds, and then lay on my stomach and do the worm, he finally said, "OK, that wasn't really part of the check-up. You're large on the hips. Lay off the Cheetos." FML
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cottoncandymango 17

What an asshole of a doctor if you ask me!

You should have told him "It ain't easy being cheesy."


cottoncandymango 17

What an asshole of a doctor if you ask me!

What a jerk. Report; Hes not supposed to do that.

Why would #1 report that. It's OP who should report.

...some people just can't appreciate a good sense of humour.

Llama_Face89 33

Complain to a higher power. He sounds like a dick.

\ 28

I'm almost certain this is grounds for a malpractice suit... It's played out but it's also still every doctor's nightmare. ;)

I may be alone in this, but if my doctor did this I would think it was hilarious.

\ 28

Oops, I meant to say "sexual harassment."

#64, you're not alone, my doctor did something similar. I was peeved for all of 2 seconds before I realized how humorous the situation was

Atleast he didn't tell you to Take of your pants and jacket

If he did, I would probably 'blink 182' times.

Pwn17 25

At least he didn't make you take off his pants and turn on the tv.

I bet most of you didn't get that that was a blink 182 song. ah.

I bet you didn't realize that everyone thumbed you down because your comment was redundant.

Haha why would you do it if you can clearly tell it was a joke?

PulseShock 9

I agree with #5 it's pretty obvious he was trolling you, lighten up and don't take it so hard.

TulipCat 11

Not disagreeing but, when a person is really awkward, or whatever, this kind of thing can be extremely embarrassing.

thisgirl97 7

Annual... Meaning the same check-up every year... How in the hell you fell for that? I don't know

That's because Americans are stupid as ****.

Umm.. That is highly unprofessional. Consider reporting that and finding a new doctor.

imagineapc 11

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Did you really just call OP a cow without knowing a single thing about him/her? That's very ignorant if you ask me.

That is a very ignorant thing to say. Some people have predispositions such as other health problems that contribute to their huskiness or even their obesity. Not everyone is bigger just because they eat the wrong things and don't get adequate exercise. Think before you open your mouth next time, please.

Even if OP is fat because they eat too much, that is their choice and their problem to deal with. The doctor can give them advice to lose weight. But making them do exercises and then insulting their appearance is just downright douchey.

GhostDuck 30

Well Megan, no one asked you. That was downright rude and disrespectful of you to call OP a cow, especially when you don't know anything about OP. =.='

#9, you look like a bull with that nose pierce or whatever you call it. So you're way similar to a cow than OP is.

MzZombicidal 36

You should change your description from "I'm delightful!" to "I'm an asshole that judges people I don't know for things I'm even unsure of!"

I don't think anyone who refers to herself as delightful truly is.

F-that this doctor sounds friggin awesome!

That is the oldest excuse in the book and it's just that. I know that because I used it - when I still was a fat cow.

Just because you used it as an excuse doesn't mean everyone else does..

Why would you do all that? You have a very funny doctor

You should have told him "It ain't easy being cheesy."

By the time he told you to do the worm you should've been able to tell he was joking :)

If Op was able to do the worm the hips cant be that large though.

Did OP leave a trail of slime as she was doing it?

KiddoKS 19

You should have known not to do any of that... he didn't say Simon Says first! Seriously, though, I would've been looking for the hidden camera.