By shellz15 - 15/12/2013 12:36 - Australia - Melbourne

Today, I took my younger sister to see Santa for a photo. Santa insisted that I was in the photo too. I wasn't sure why he made such a big deal about it until he groped me while the photo was being taken. FML
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Hi all, OP here! I hope you're all having a fantastic festive season with your family and friends :)! I've read some interesting comments and just wanted to address a few things.... Firstly, I'm in my twenties and I'm midway through my law degree, so I'm quite aware of my rights (in australia for those of you who were unaware). More importantly, I did deal with this properly. At the store we went to, there were several rooms and each had a different Santa to make the process a little quicker. This is good because it meant that no other child saw what happened. When it did happen, I was pretty horrified but I kept my cool because I didn't want to alarm my young sister who was very excited to be there. After we left the room, I went up to the service counter and explained everything. The lady profusely apologized and I'm pretty sure this "Santa" was removed straight away. Although it was a massive FML moment and I definitely felt violated, as long as this doesn't happen to anyone else, I'm happy to erase this from my memory and move on! I've been assured that this man has lost his working with children check and hopefully won't be bothering anyone again! Warm wishes from Aus, Michelle

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kathryn14 19

Santa's going to be put on his own naughty list.


I wonder who punched him first: OP or Mrs. Claus?

Then OP risks getting attacked by a gang of angry kids!

Somuchart 3

Maybe Santa put you on the wrong Naughty list

kristabelli 19

GROSS. I hope you didn't make a big scene in front of all the children, but went straight to mall management and advised them. And also maybe the police. That man is dangerous. (And disgusting.)

^ This. That isn't behaviour I'd accept from a drunk guy at a bar, but from a man who is at his job and works with children? **** THAT.

Or told the kids he don't exist. To piss him off and loose his job or better yet pull off his beard

fucMyLifeSoHard 18

104- That is only hurting the kids, not him. That is a terrible idea.

And thus why Santa is forever creepy in my opinion.

wlddog 14

Oh Santa, when will you learn to control that urge? You would think sneaking into peoples houses while they sleep would be the worst of his crimes, but instead he has to push the limits. Makes me wonder if his raindeer fly because they are high on drugs. What else do we need to know about this man?

StompinOnCrayons 15

The song Santa Claus is coming to town goes like this " You better watch out " , "He sees you when you're sleeping , He knows when you're awake , He knows if you've been bad" *Just putting that out there to make you rethink the concept of santa / stranger danger man *

2 - What's creepy about an old fat guy that watches little kids sleep, likes having them sit on his lap and tell him whether they're naughty, breaks into your house once a year, and lives with a bunch of "little people"? That's not someone kids should idolize; that's the start of a very bad porno. A VERY bad one.

kathryn14 19

Santa's going to be put on his own naughty list.

I know he wants milk and cookies but geez...

\ 28

There goes many a good childhood memory.

Wait till Mrs. Claus hears about this demicky behavior.

"He sees you when you're sleeping..." "He knows when you're awake" Has always, without fail, creeped me out.

Well he likes kids a little too much if you ask me.

Santa must've mistaken her as one of his elves

69- Did you change your profile picture specifically for this FML? Seems kind of odd to always be like that...

81, I sure hope that 69 doesn't always have that picture, I agree that it would be odd if he did!

81/87 - I changed my pro pic to this earlier in december for the holiday season. It's just coincidental that it's synonymous with this FML

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I know right. I would have reported him to his boss right away

You just made me picture Santa as a rapist who sneaks down chimneys and molests you during the night.

Or a pedophile who REALLY loves his job...

He's climbing down your chimney He's snatchin your people up Tryna rape em so y'all need to Hide your kids, hide your wife And hide your husband cuz they're rapin everybody out here

I refused to visit mall Santa after age three, when mall Santa smelled like an unwashed, alcoholic hobo.

6 - Thank you! So nice to see reason brought to a very dodgy custom.

Doc is a ******* legend! He utters the words, "thumbs down" and he doesn't get down voted. Us commoners dream of someday becoming like you.

Rainhawk94 27

You done #102? Now get off Doc's dick

he was tired of everyone putting up their stockings, so he thought he'd try taking her's down... :(

StompinOnCrayons 15

If by Christmas joy you mean pervert santa STD's, then I understand.

johnrdz3 24

Get u some!!!! No I'm joking you should've punched him in his groin for that!

wolfman2123 13

So he just groped her and you want you her to touch him down low?

And that's when you yank that beard off his face and snap it back on, very hard!

You don't want to just break the news to the kid just yet though