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Dear mods,

If the idiot above (feathergoosewhatever)will continue to stain the comments section with his shit, then at least make a fool out of him so it's entertaining for the rest of us.



  lottievaughn  |  5

I'VE GOTTEN THIS ONE!!! And it WAS a family member! My 6 year old step son!!! I thought it was hilarious, he sunk in his seat and said '....embarrassing.' haha!

  krylonpony  |  3

Technically speaking, the Chinese lady that refills the tubs of Chinese food. You know that one short one that you always have to side step when you have your plate to fill and she runs into you with steaming hot containers or olden Chinese delicacy.

  fbear10  |  5

Dont hate:/ comments are made so you can speak your mind, you cant tell me you always think straight, you people are so rude and selfcentered that you couldnt even feel how rude and insensitive you were being to this girl youre shattering her goals,
Yeah thats right thumb me down.
I dont give 2 shits.

  Lionesse  |  15

She can be added to the infamous list of Americans who try to sue for the most moronic things ever. One lady tried to sue Disneyland because their food made her fat.. People like that need a slap in face.


Watch out, we've got a badass over here! And his name happens to be fbear. Hmm.

Honestly, if you know you're not thinking straight, then don't comment. And if what's on your mind is stupid, stuff it; preferably up your ass, where your head most likely is.

  fbear10  |  5

Instead of pursuing a useless subject , I suggest you do something that will do something in ur life :) so stop posting cuz now im not gonna reply .:)

  The_Weirdo  |  10

71, you are right in saying comments are for speaking your mind, so if I don't like a comment, why should I water things down? If I make fun of someone, I am honestly speaking my mind. If I call someone a dumb ass, that is what is on my mind. Is it rude? Sure. Is it insensitive? Yeah. I still have every right to say that though, and don't tell me otherwise. If she can't handle other's opinions, it is on her to defend herself, or get over it.


I'm the one pursuing a useless subject? Shall I remind you that you're replying to my comments too? But I guess trying to get the last word in counts as "doing something that will do something (whatever the fuck that means) in my life." Night night troll. Nice chatting with you.

  nachos99  |  0

I think she meant sue the company that makes the fortune cookie. Also stories of Americans frivolously suing the shit out of businesses are usually
a) total bullshit or
b)half truths with information left out.

There was an article about it on Cracked.

  Psych101  |  9

194- Even if she did mean sue the company, which I'm sure she did, then it was still a stupid suggestion. If I walk up to you and yell you that you're going to get into a car crash, are you going to sue me? No way. Because, like the fortune cookie, I didn't actually do anything.