By Anonymous / Wednesday 3 July 2013 00:00 / United States - Phoenix
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  ApollosMyth  |  22

Or maybe just move his bed back. It doesn't sound like this is a reoccuring problem, so I assume he could just tell his roomate to leave his shit alone and it would take care of the problem. If not, then he should maybe consider switching roomates, but only as a last resort in my opinion.

  Wizardo  |  33

Guys take it easy, don't worry I feel exactly the same way as both of you, I clearly should be number 2 but we can't have everything and alas, I was too slow...

  Wizardo  |  33

And btw Nutz, if you're getting this many thumbs down with that many comments, its time to put down the keyboard/phone and call it a day man, just saying...

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