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  idefka  |  33

#78 Well of course the fact that there are more female nurses making nursing seen feminine. Men can't do seemingly feminine jobs right? Even if it isn't? Also wanting to help people. Isn't that just horrible?

#71 is an idiot

  zoerox01  |  0

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By  Dr_Phil  |  0

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  fenellaisacute  |  13

k 1 who gives a fuck what people think or say about others and 2 how the hell is being a bigger person ruining their life? you're seriously the worst type of person there is out there buddy. I'm chubby and i love my body and its certainly not "fucking my life up" and it on top of everything doesn't affect anyone else's so fuuuck yoou.

  CaptainCrow  |  13

If you are so big that it is either causing health problems and/or causing people to comment on it, then you need to lose the weight because it is your fault. However I do understand there are assholes out there

By  sallem5  |  0

Yeah, umm, that's just unprofessional.
#10, not all overweight people can help it. Seriously. You ever heard of the thyroid? Some people have problems with that, like my grandmother.

  redsox4021  |  0

95% of overweight people don't have a condition the only problem they have is not enough time in their day to excersize either that or it's just being lazy. I realize I sound offensive but it's the truth