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Today, I had my 7 month check up for my pregnancy. The nurse weighed me and said, "I see you've gotten into the Halloween candy." FML
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Well that's just rude and unprofessional...

your pregnant, thats an excuse enough to eat candy.


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crazytwinsmom 25

You don't joke with women about weight, especially when they're pregnant!

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clarissasyima 7

Oh god, he reminds me of those horrid 1 like= 1prayer pictures. Nothing but attention ****** feeding of sub-conscious guilt.

Crap, I took a wrong turn on Like-***** Boulevard. I got lost. I'm sorry :l don't mind me. I was never here.

5- Resurrecting her? With likes on Facebook? Sometimes Facebook is convenient but I'm pretty sure it lacks the power of bringing back the dead....

Guys I think it's safe to say that 5 was simply joking and taking the piss out of the whole 'like for a prayer' bandwagon on Facebook. Dunno why you thumbed down so much 5

16, we are on FML where we also have the capability to "like" stuff.

Am I the only one that experienced chronic lols upon reading those comments?

22- Unlike Facebook, we can make it much more obvious that that we Dislike someone and their comments.

16 - believe it or not, Facebook can't do much! It can't even give talent to a talentless beaver.. Errr Bieber.

I get cancer every time I read worthless comments. I should've died long ago. :/

Obviously you people don't get that StoryoftheYear was making fun of FB.

36- you know, fb used to have a dislike button

77- No longer is there an option to dislike. So that's irrelevant in this situation.

Well that's just rude and unprofessional...

It's a joke. She's saying that OP's size is due to candy rather than a baby. She probably said it to every pregnant woman she checked out this month, and assuming that nobody other than OP lost their sense of humour she'll probably say similar things around Christmas and thanksgiving too.

Zoh_Aubrey 8

I agree, I'm eight months and last month my doc told me "you what food is right? GREAT, pack it on, you need 5 pounds for the next two weeks." it's a joke, trust me.

i'd be okay with someone saying that to me while i was pregnant. my husband and others around me would know not to make fun of my weight

Your doctor's English is very confusing.

your pregnant, thats an excuse enough to eat candy.

Kallian_fml 21

Right, because candy is definitely healthy for developing babies.

It's not bad for pregnant women to eat candy in moderation. As long as she isn't eating it for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Since you work with young children, you should know that...

Kallian_fml 21

I'm just saying if someone has been eating enough to gain excessive weight, that's not moderation.

39- She's pregnant. She's going to gain excessive weight!

When you're pregnant you're going to gain a lot of weight. My mom gained about 40 pounds when she was pregnant with me.

southernbelle_rn 16

Just cause you're pregnant doesn't give you reason to eat whatever and how much. I just had a baby and people constantly asked "I bet you eat like crazy huh?" or stated "You're not huge for 9 months!" One thing you definitely don't mess with a pregnant woman about is her weight. You do not want an angry pregnant woman.

You do realize most women only need to gain 20-30 pounds during pregnancy. If someone gains 50+ pounds during pregnancy they are eating waaaay too much.

I had a cousin that was pregnant. She had her cravings but she still ate reasonably and even worked out. She gained 75 lbs. theres an average but not every woman will fit within that average.

I knew someone who got pregnant and went from 105 to 190 pounds. She had twins, though, so I'm not entirely sure she's in the same category for weight gain. I just felt the need to put my thoughts in.

If its a family doctor that's known you for ages I'm sure it could slide.... otherwise I can already imagine a rally of raging pregnant women

Ks22 4

That's when you ask when she is due and if its twins.

GuessWhatKids 13

That's when she replies, "Next month, and they're triplets".

TheDrifter 23

I'm a fairly generous person, but even I will only give the baby 20 lbs of the blame. The rest is pure bon bons. Don't worry about it OP, it's only weight, it can be lost.

Pregnant women can't control how much they gain. As the youngest of five, my mom gained various amounts with each pregnancy. And my very petite older sister gained about 50 pounds with each of her boys. It's not just a matter of how the woman chooses to eat.

Oh that's not true! I gained so much weight with my first child. A ridiculous amount of weight!! They checked me for everything from gestational diabetes to preeclampsia. Come to find out, I had two bags of water with 1 baby. Probably lost a baby early in my pregnancy but the bag and fluids and everything still accumulated. Didn't know it until delivery. Bottom line is--I am a nurse and you just don't say that to someone who is pregnant--it's called hormones are in a fragile state right now! Each woman is different. Oh and I lost all that weight plus 10 pounds within 7 months.

Tell her straight up "and i see youve gotten into the stupid"

Lol aren't you suppose to gain weight when your pregnant? I don't see how this could be so rude

flutter4 7

Pregnant women do get sensitive about their weight especially when they gain a lot in a short amount of time.

I got a comment like that also. Usually it's because "they're worried about gestational diabetes." Another thing is they have a "weight gain plan." You should gain ONLY one pound a week, anymore and you're bad!

I don't understand why people are thumbing you down 17=S

Give it a few hours. Comments usually don't get the thumbs they deserve until a day later.