By Anonymous - 17/11/2012 00:30 - Croatia - Rijeka

Today, I have a tooth infection that's spread to my jaw and ear. It hurts so badly that I'm practically in tears. Today's also the day I found out I'm allergic to the medication I was prescribed. Everything hurts, I'm covered in hives, and I can't stop throwing up. FML
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I'd go to an ER or a hospital at this point if you're in this much agony. Get better soon OP :(


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This chick is a boss! Even through all of that she still managed to post this on Fml. I applaud... Hope you get better though

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I can't believe some people think OP deserved it. What the hell.

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I don't necessarily think they deserved it. But usually the cause of an infected tooth is bad hygiene. And it has to be left un treated for a pretty long time to get this bad. Usually. I don't know the entire situation. But I think that's what some people are thinking that are giving ydi.

It is better you found out about the allergy now! It can only get better from here OP

Actually, it can get loads worse, if the infection spreads and OP can't take meds for it because they're allergic.

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22) I'm sure OP wants to read about how much worse she can feel! Let's be optimistic here.

There are a ton if different med options. If you are allergic to one doesn't mean you are to all. There are a lot of antibiotics that either don't work for me or I cannot tolerate. I get sick a lot. It just takes patience and working with the doc to find the right one. And I know patience can be in short supply when you are sick. At least op knows about the allergy to that class if drugs for next time

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#40_Patience is a minor form of despair disguised as a virtue.

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50- Sorry this is irrelevant everyone, but to 50, I just wanted to tell you that (if that's your dog in the picture) it's so adorable :) I had two beagles that I loved that got out 2 years ago:( miss them. OP, today will be horrible as you've already experiences, but once you get medications that you aren't allergic and wait a few days for the tooth infection to heal, you'll be feeling a lot better. It can go nowhere but up. :)

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#52_Totally irrelevant, but the pic is not of my beloved Monster Beagle. My hound is much cuter...but doesn't do pics. So, this was the next best thing. Love Beagles :)

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I feel you OP. i had a throat infection recently, and then an allergic reaction to the antibiotic. Then like a week later i took a different antibiotic for a different reason and was allergic to that too. The hives came back, and i spent all day vomiting. It sucks, but as long as you drink lots of water and flush it out of your system, it doesn't last forever.

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I'd go to an ER or a hospital at this point if you're in this much agony. Get better soon OP :(

Was thinking the same thing. When you're in agonizing pain and your medicine causes allergic reactions, it's time to take a trip to the hospital.

I was just gonna say.... If your infection is so bad you're throwing up, get to a hospital!

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The ER can give you good pain reliever...having an infected tooth sucks hope you feel better soon OP

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42- the throwing up is probably because of the allergy, not the infection.

Unless you have no insurance and don't want to get stuck with a huge ER bill. . . FYL, OP.

If all else fails T3's for the pain. But don't get addicted!

But getting addicted is the most fun part of opiate abuse!!!!

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This is one of those times where you just cry your eyes out

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Try and use hot compresses for the pain. Also, for the hives, calamine lotion and NSAIDs like Aleve or Motrin. They will help relieve some of the inflammation

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Do not take NSAIDS. Bad idea, especially if the OP was prescribed painkillers.

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OP didn't specify what they were allergic to. I assume it was an antibiotic since that is the most common medicinal allergy

I developed an allergy when I had an abscessed tooth. Bad thing is, it was anaphylactic shock! I'm allergic to NSAIDS, which I was taking for the pain of the abscess.

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You poor thing. Get better soon!