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Today, I went to the chiropractor for a check up. She was going through some of the ways to help my posture and mentioned something that I've never heard before. My fat ass thought it was a type of food. Turns out it was a sports routine. FML
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"You gotta do at least 5 lunches a day" - Well.... If you say so.....


I think we've all made a mistake like that. Mmmm... Hurts don't it... Mmmm

Just laugh it off! Simple things like that happen to the best of us. Don't get too bent out of shape over it.

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Maybe I can help clarify. OP went to a chiropractor, a professional who works to diagnose and treat misalignments involving joints in the body. The chiropractor told OP about various methods that would help improve posture, something that is negatively affected by misaligned joints. The chiropractor mentioned a term that was unfamiliar to OP. OP believed it was a type of food. However, it was a sports routine. I hope this helps.

The vertebral "misalignments" that chiropractors supposedly treat (subluxations) do not exist. Chiropractic's inventor DD Palmer thought that they caused pinched nerves that altered "nerve vibration" and caused 95% of disease, but despite advanced imaging techniques invented since then (like MRI), subluxations have never been demonstrated to exist.

Not to disagree with you Doc but my chiropractor has done wonders for me. Far fewer heartaches (and they're milder too), greater mobility, greatly reduced aches and pains, he's been a lifesaver.

Not saying this definitively, but i imagine for some people, it could be a psychosomatic or placebo response that makes them feel better, and if that is the case, (ignoring the money wasted) I would think that thats fine. And some chiropractors do some good, without necessarily working on ones back.

When I first went we took X-rays of my curved and misaligned spine and shoulder. And after multiple visits and multiple X-rays along the way you can clearly see the difference....its visibly straighter. How do you explain that?

My son was born with a congenital defect that typically requires surgery. I happened to run into a chiropractor with training in pediatrics who said "let me have a look". She taught me how to do an exercise that's blindingly simple. All of a sudden, my surgeon says surgery is not required. The kiddo is now four and sees the surgeon regularly. To date he has not needed the surgery. I don't know if it's coincidence but I have no regrets about the $40 I spent to see that chiropractor.

For clarification, my comment was in response to docbastards, whos comment was specific to chiropractic subluxations. Chiropractors do serve a purpose, its just that the few that still believe in, and attempt to treat subluxations are perhaps a waste of money. However, if the person does feel better, even if its just a placebo effect, than perhaps theres some worth to that too, which was my point.

It's worded just fine. The info isn't all there though.

I have read this post 4 times to see if I can figure out how people are not understanding it....but can't. The post makes sense, what exactly are you not getting? - op goes to chiropractor - chiropractor tells op some things to help their posture - op hears a term they have never heard before and thinks it is a type of food - it turns out not to be a type of food but a sports routine/workout routine Idk how that can be any clearer or worded better

OP could have told us what the word was that he didn't understand. That's why everyone is so confused. It probably would have made the FML funnier too.

"You gotta do at least 5 lunches a day" - Well.... If you say so.....

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Was it "jogging"? I always felt it would be the cutest name for a snack.

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Well, since you admit to being fat, losing some weight WOULD probably help improve your posture and spine problems.

Where does OP admit that he's fat? There are people out there who don't like sports and like food but aren't fat.

I think OP saying "my fat ass" might have been because their mind went straight to food, not because they actually are fat.