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Today, I went to my doctor for a check-up. It started with the doctor lifting my shirt up to check my heartbeat, and ended with my gran starting a fistfight over his "perverted ways." FML
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What a perv! Who does he think he is?? A doctor??

She's right he was defiantly making a move on you! Wish my grandma threw down


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same thing happened to me but with raccoons :(

So your gran was a mad woman! He wanted you

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Strange how granny fought for OP like that, but if she was in her place, I'm sure she would love the attention.i

Gran is just trying to protect you! Cherish that while you still have it!

It could be worse, he could of lifted up your bra and made the excuse, "stethoscopes can't penetrate bras"

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well i woulda done a bit more than just lifting your shirt up if ya know what i mean

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Granny comes from a place of wisdom considering the type of world we live in. I've seen quite a few doctors on 'How to Catch a Predator'. It's not like they're walking around with a pervy badge. Your gran rocks.

Not really, it's part of the job. In reality her gran probably got charged with assault :D

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Hmm... I wonder if this Granny, and the Grandpa who would make molesters wear their penises on their foreheads are married they sound like a match made in heaven, wish their were my grandparents. You're lucky Op cherish it.

To be fair, I've always wondered this stuff. Why can't the doctor just ask the girl to put it on her chest? He can point to exactly where he needs the stethoscope on his own chest and let her put it on the correct spot. Likewise, in the case of males, why do we need to drop our pants when they want to fondle our dingleberries? I know I can easily feel my happysacks without looking at them.

This is just too silly, granny is conservative and doctor is doing his job. Granny does not rock and doctor is not conducting an assault by listening to OPs heartbeat. If doctor by a mere coincidence was a predator in his spare time isn't relevant to the FML.

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Perv hysteria at its best. Expect the cost of healthcare go even higher with less people wanting to be deemed as pervs just for doing their job. It's like one of those joke pictures with a caption that you see on internet. Go to google IMAGE search and google "dirty mind". Same with this FML. If you you see something perverted with a professional doing his/her job (exam w/stethoscope has been done for two centuries since it was invented in early 19 cent.), then it is you who is the pervert. And heaven forbid you'll ever need to do a colonoscopy, proctology exam, or OB/GYN exam (ladies). You'll come back screaming that you got assaulted and butt-raped. There is nothing in this world I fear more than the well-meaning idiots and their hysterical groupthink ways.

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This is the age of techno-barbarianism, i.e. while the technology has advanced far and beyond, the ability of the over-medicated and over-brainwashed masses to think clearly and logically has reduced drastically.

#88 -probably because it would take ages to make people do it right and get the exact right spot. Also, it's important that the rubber tube thing doesn't touch things, or the doc would only hear the rustling of their shirt, for instance. I just wish people would stop acting so paranoid...

if we did everything our selves y pay doctors 100's of thousands a year? its what they went to school for fuvking 8+ years to do. if u have a problem with a guy checking a girls breath. then ask the doc. do you mind getting a female doctor? I'm sure if it's possible they will. and because they don't just check if ur "dingleberries" are there. but also for deformalities. the grandma over reacted. from how the op is telling the story. maybe the grand saw something she didn't. but from what we have been told granny is getting charged with battery unless she can prove he tried to molest her grand daughter.

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135 I wasn't responding to you, but rather expressing my opinion about the likes of OP's grandmother, who battered a doctor for doing his job. If I were the doctor, I'd call police on her senile ass and at least exclude her family members from the list of my patients forever. With US having less doctors per capita than even for example Cuba does, it's not like there is any shortage of clients, quite the opposite. I have to wait at least 2 weeks for non-emergency visit at my family doctor's office and it's typical for a specialist doctor to have 2+ months wait.

She's right he was defiantly making a move on you! Wish my grandma threw down

This reminds me of that Grandma from Madagascar.

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He was not making a move. That's how my doctor takes my heart beat. Theyre doctors it's what they do. Perverted people nowadays for doing their job? Wooooowwww

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what has the world come to?! SMH

Gran was a MMA professional after all.

Lol defiantly? I like it better than definitely

What a perv! Who does he think he is?? A doctor??

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Seriously, sick bastard. What's he gunna do next? Check her blood pressure? This world is going to hell in a hand basket.

At least he didn't use a thermometer, damn doctors and their twisted sex instruments of healing

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Geez. Why can't he just do his job and stick his finger up old men's butts and quit being perverted!!

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At least he didn't take her temperature the old school way

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Well, my doctor never had to remove my shirt to check my heart beat...He just simply placed the stethoscope over my shirt

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It's okay, doctors are more afraid of you than you are of them. Just don't show you fear, they can smell fear.

can you please build a statue of this particular lady?

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Aren't grandmas wonderful? She had good intentions :)