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Today, marks the fourth straight night that my girlfriend has screamed and cried in fear, scratching and kicking me in her sleep. The reason? I took her to see Paranormal Activity 3. FML
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That "screaming in fear" and "kicking and scratching" is called being possesed. GET HER TO AN EXORCIST, NOW!!!!!

Iknoweverything 29

I don't think hitting and scratching would do much good against a paranormal entity, but maybe that's just me.


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Hog-tie her, then proceed to a good nights sleep

Mean_Mr_Mustard 9

Put sedatives in her dinner, that ought to shut her up.

I find it ironic that you say that while your name is "HEROICpeanut".

The exact reason why everyone refuses to take me to see this movie:(

Wow, 48! I've learned a lot from stalking your profile! I assume it's also pronounced ee-ruk instead of I-rack? It's also ahf-ghani-sthan, instead of Aaf-gani-Stan. Or, Ahf-ghan.

flufflybuttons 4

your a dumbass. your comment has nothing to do with this thred

Time for an exorcist, tie her to the bed and bring me a crucifix, hm, bring me a condom too while you're at it, gonna drive the devil out with justice served fresh from my ****.

StopDropNRoll 11

I don't think Toby would like any of the stuff posted above with the exorcism and the strapping. Shit might start flying around just saying

she has a reason to, that movie was scary as hell!

Hit may be too much....maybe if you slowly roll her off the bed.

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OBahaha that's always a solution. I'd probably do the same, or make her sleep on the couch. NyQuil that shit.

72-no shes right. Your the kind of person that pisses everyone in the middle east off.

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you're all wrong-stare at her for hours while she sleeps. oh and do bloody mary with her a few times that usually seems to help the situation.

GVirdi 11

72 just cuz people say I-ran in USA don't mean it's like that everywhere else Unless u grew up there, stop judging 48 about it Haters gonna hate

What a pussy. If she knows she can't handle a scary movie, then she's a dumbass for going. I can watch any scary movies and not get nightmares, so I'm fine with going. But again, if she knows she can't handle it...DONT LET HER GO FOR CHRISTS SAKE!

kwchambers92 10

Yeah right, make her sleep on the couch

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omg I can't even go to sleep because of that movie it literally almost made me cry 4 times

kwchambers92 10

I don't ever want to hear that story again

theten_fml 9

I think you mean "the excuse" not "the reason"

kwchambers92 10

Yeah and even a blind squirrel is right twice a day

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I liked the first one a lot but not the second one so much. Wasn't as scary. I was hoping the third redeemed itself so I'm glad to see positive reviews about it :D Back to topic: OP, you should comfort her. Let her know it'll be okay. That you're there for her. She'll appreciate that.

That movie was the best out of all three. Toby be crazy! Lol but did anyone else notice none of the scene from the previews were in the movie? I kept saying "That's not what's suppose to happen!"

omggtfomi 1

You're full of shit that movie sucked ass

Agreed. Waste of 80 something minutes. Only good parts are first 5 minutes and last 5 minutes.

Free_Candy 0

With all honesty, only an absolute dumb **** would like those shitty movies.

It's not even scary. It's total bullshit and it's quite stupid how they portray the demon. With chicken feet in the first one? At least make it believable. Haven't watched the other 2 and I hope I never do.

Im 16 and saw that with my boyfriend and I totally agree its awesome but seriously scary sh!t aha :D xx

Tbh the movie sucked, wasnt as good as first 2 movies. And i will b that guy to ruin the movie by saying that the guy from the 1st movie plays a Major role in the 3rd. And he dies ^.^ found it hilarious

anlhawks 5

It was for sure wayy better/scarier than the first two. Scared the shit outta me an i cant sleep cause i keep thinking that white sheet thing is next to me or its in my bed D:

I was watching it in a loud movie theater full of loud inconsiderate people, might have ruined the scare factor for me

That was soo good. It's the best one yet cus it explains everything and it's freaky (:

#74 I did notice that! I kept waiting for those things to happen and it never did.

Hahaha lol I keep thinking a black sillouette of a lady will be behind me in the mirror or doorway.. That movie scared the sh!t outta mr but is defo the best outta the 3

RuskiManBearPig 4

Dont worry... there wasn't any to begin with.

Iknoweverything 29

I don't think hitting and scratching would do much good against a paranormal entity, but maybe that's just me.

That "screaming in fear" and "kicking and scratching" is called being possesed. GET HER TO AN EXORCIST, NOW!!!!!

tylersign 11

Exactly. Toby followed you home.

Repeat after me, OP: In the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Ghost, GTFO of my bitch. Just like that, works EVERY time.

Fake or not I was scared shitless. I was on google for like 2 hours trying to figure how to kill a ghost.

It's fake? Damn... I was hoping it wasn't, like the first one! I love the alternate ending in the first one too.. Oh.. They tricked me!

RedPillSucks 31

It's a movie. We don't go because we think they're real. How many people sat through Saw (I, II, ..., IV) and thought that was real?

shit! why didn't I know this before I quit my job to become a ghostbuster!

How many ghosts did you end up killing? Lolol

Life_sucks_13 6

You don't kill a ghost. You banish a ghost

Banish or kill; their not gonna kill me so it's a win situation. As long as Toby doesn't **** my shit up I'm good.

cupcakesnpot 9

Not one of those movies are scary..... And yes I have seen them all.

kbg8409 0

and no it's not fake. the movie may be, but that actual concept is not. read the bible.

blackheart24 10

I like the sequel to the bible. It has a better ending.

Are y'all seriously making fun of the Bible?

Yeah bro, the bible is a funny read, can't get past "and the seas, they parted." without a quick giggle.

I never said it wasn't okay to be creeped out by a movie, but you're having the same symptoms as his girlfriend that a little extreme especially if you know it's fake. That's my opinion but once again we're all entitled to our own.

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It's not imaginary.. Just saying...

ikickgingers 15

I ran from the theater to my car. I locked my car doors waiting for my friends. I made my cousin sleep at my house. Left all my lights on...I'd do it again. Same reason I ride roller coasters.... Scares me shitless and i end up throwing up afterwards....but I HAVE TO. End of story.

The trailer made me laugh at the scene where the wife is slung backwards like she's in a giant slingshot, stretched out and released.

Those movies are bullshit. I sat there for an hour and a half waiting for someone to die so I could yell "GOTCHA BITCH!" in the movie theatre. I want my money back.

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When I saw the trailer for the first time, I had trouble sleeping :P

kwchambers92 10

160 agreed, Paranormal 3 set records! Ridiculous!! The first two were absolutely terrible, and the third time is definitely not the charm. When I see movies like that set records, I loose faith in the American society. The very little faith i have withers away into shattered dreams of a beautiful country once free of crappy horror movies. To put it out there my view on "demonic possession," is that it's religion, and religion too me is a joke fairy tale. We will know all the answers to all the questions we had when our times up. After that see what you really believe in Love, Me

When I see the trailer I walk out of the room

theten_fml 9

I like where this is going. Giggity

SilverInGray 25

I really don't blame her. That movie is terrifying.

Brice28_fml 10

It's all fake and I laugh at all of it.. I just don't see how it is scary

SilverInGray 25

It's creepy, sudden stuff. Who cares if it's fake? We know plenty of other things are fake too, and they're still scary. Sudden moves are always at least startling.

mintypoison 22

Really? Terrifying? It's just jump scare after jump scare that you can almost time. The really terrifying part is listening and watching people in the theater freak the hell out.

Brice28_fml 10

I guess I'm not scared easily. It's like jaws, you hear the music coming you know the shark is right there. If somebody is in a dark room walking to a shut door you know there is something behind the door.

SilverInGray 25

The anticipation gets to me too. I know it's supposed to scare me, so I get all tense waiting for it, and it makes it worse.