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Today, my sister was upset because she felt like no one liked her. Without thinking, I replied, "It's okay. If I acted like you, people would probably hate me, too." This sounded sympathetic in my head. FML
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If you listen closely you can hear the sound of a sisterly bond breaking.


Sweetie, this is why we think things through before we say them

Op probably did think about what she was going to say, but social situations like this can make a person fumble on their words and mean something completely different.

Sierra7211 17

#1, I think the reason you're getting thumbed down is because of the "sweetie." It seems condescending. I know it drives me crazy when girls my age call me "hon" before trying to correct me.

same. it's like who do u think u r calling me "hon" or "sweetie"?? ur the same age as me!

The rules of fml confuse me So different than every other social media site Sorry for being myself

I'm thumbing him down because OP DID think before she said something.

She did not think it through. Maybe told the harsh truth, but at the wrong time.

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@ 21 he's a guy. Not a girl.

#48 re-read the part where op says "without thinking"

Yeah it's better than just staring at her without saying a word until she breaks down even more.

Might have been harsh but maybe it will help her make a change

My friend was once complaining that her bestie's brother doesn't like her, and in an effort to console her the bestie said: "Oh, you're upset that he doesn't like you? But lots of people don't like you!" She thought shecwas making it less personal :D

If you listen closely you can hear the sound of a sisterly bond breaking.

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#6 Damn, I accidentally thumbed you down. Sorry! OP, while that wasn't clever of your part (you tried, though, and it's the thought that counts...?), it'll hopefully make her try to change herself for the better.

Hey it's nicer than anything my bro tells me :p

I did that once. My mother walked into the room i was in. And my dogs started flipping out and barking at her. So i said "they probably don't recognize you because you look so pretty" It sounded like a compliment in my head

Not really. I said they don't recognize her because she looks pretty. Basically saying she doesn't look pretty most of the time

Damn, I didn't get it at first but when I did I laughed so hard. You couldn't have come up with a better insult if you tried.

That would have sounded like a compliment in my head too and then I would have been in the same situation that you were in...

In what universe is THAT sympathetic?

The 83rd parallel universe where pokemon exist Duh!