By xHoho - 26/11/2013 05:50 - United States - West Fargo

Today, I took my girlfriend to a scary movie, hoping I could comfort her at a scary part. Instead when a scary part came on, she reacted by throwing up all over my lap and the person in front of us. FML
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Awh, she just wanted to make the scary part just a little bit more surprising


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I feel like I've read this exact same FML. Like... Five times.

Well that's not what you want... Sorry OP!

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I don't know, some people are into that. This is FML, afterall.

I feel bad for the person in front who got puked on...imagine their surprise! In their head they're probably were saying it's okay, it's just in the screen...surprise! As they get covered in a foul smelling foreign liquid projectiled onto them from behind

There was a 1000 ways to die with a girl having a fetish for barf. She went around to eating contests and got the winners to throw up on her. Then she choked on the puke. This fetish is not good

More like **** the person in front of them's life

24, I was eating while reading your comment and now I lost my appetite. Thanks a lot.

Actually she choked on the hot dog in the puke, but that one always gave me the creeps.

just me feeling sorry for the girl in front! she only went to see a movie!

Depends on the movie scene. If it was anything like The Exorcist, it would have added a whole new dimension to the movie. The person in front should feel lucky! OP's girlfriend was only trying to make the movie more realistic.

Awh, she just wanted to make the scary part just a little bit more surprising

Oh I bet the person in front of them really likes that surprise!

did she try to refuse to go at all? If so and you forced her to be scared, YDI. If not, FYL.

She probably did try to refuse. I find it a little hard to believe that someone who actually wanted to see the scary movie would have a reaction like that.

Feel lucky OP, at least you weren't the person who got puked on by a stranger. He wasn't even hoping to get laid :P

It's Romantic Comedy's from here on out for you OP

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No, that would make him throw up...

Well at least you were there for her? That sucks OP.

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How was he there for her other than providing a lap for her puke?

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I feel worse for OP's girlfriend. It sucks to get puked on, but how embarrassing! "Today, my boyfriend took me to a scary movie. I got so scared at one part that I puked all over him and a stranger. FML"