By Ariel_Mariaa - Canada
Today, I went to see the latest Paranormal Activity movie with my mother. We were terrified and held hands at one point. The person sitting behind us thought it would be hilarious to abruptly scream into my mother's ear. She reacted by flailing and driving her arm straight into my face. FML
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  folgy  |  10

I watched it at 1am and to be honest it didn't scare me if half the stuff that was shown in the promo was in the movie it would have been scary only thing that kinda scared me was what happened to the dude at the end was not expecting that

  Jammy01jams  |  2

Forever alone :|#)

  Oog_fml  |  5

I dunno why people say the movie's scary. I really don't find it scary like other people, but then again, I'm a horror fanatic. The only scary part was the ending. I'm not saying that the movie was bad, in fact it was pretty good, it just wasn't scary. Other movies like Blair Witch Project and The Ring, dang those are scary.

  Lanceeden  |  12

Omg. I'm lying in my bed reading fml and this one made me literally laugh out loud. It's late at night and everyones asleep but holy shit this is funny because I can actually visualize it XD

  bamagrl410  |  31

I don't know what it feels like to be hit in the nuts, but I'd venture to say it's somewhat comparable. It REALLY hurts to get hit in the boobs. Happened to me earlier actually... Oh the pain.

  TigerSpots  |  4

Me and my old bf used to have this convo exept instead of getting hitbin the boobs it was child birth, he actually thought being hit in the nuts wa worse then child birth.

  ChaeRi  |  3

I would like to see YOU not being even a little scared while watching all the Paranormal Activity movies.
Nah jk, you'll probably shit yourself and start crying while running out before going past ten minutes of the movie.