By Darth Vomitus - 10/08/2012 18:54 - United States - Mequon

Today, I went to an amusement park with a group of friends, one of whom was a girl I really like. When we got on the roller coaster, I was ecstatic that she wanted to sit next to me. Not even half-way through, I ended up puking all over the both of us. FML
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Well you just gave her a ride she won't forget..


Lmfao!! That's great. Sucks you. Bet your chances went down the drain

Judging by the FML I doubt that anyone was sucked that day.

Hey, do not judge harshly. Perhaps he/she/it is just going with the star wars trend of the first comment? Sounds like Yoda to me.

Well you just gave her a ride she won't forget..

Instead of the ride you wanted to give her, that she won't forget.

Apologize? Give her your shirt! Show off a lil :p

kittytub 12

it probably has puke all over it.

The puke gives it novelty. Their first time together.

kittytub 12

haha, frame it and never wash it. like a trophy.

How cute! Instead of a first kiss, you guys have a first barf! Just pray to God your crush is into that kind of thing.

Inheritance 10

If that happened to me id probably cry of embarrassment and leave depressed..

SystemofaBlink41 27

A few days ago I ALMOST barfed on a girl's face ... I can't even stand to imagine what would've happened if I did...

Oh yuck. I feel bad for you, OP. Offer your sincerest apologies, hopefully she'll shrug it off!

Darth Vomitus = Epicness. FYL but your username is completely awesome

If it was the xcellerator, I know what you mean....

hazydaze 9

If she's understanding and cool she will accept your apology. If she accepts it, tell her you want to make it up to her by taking her on a nice date. Just don't puke this time(;