By monsterdanceman - United States - Ozark
Today, I tried to tackle my fear of heights by riding a rollercoaster. Once we were near the top, it malfunctioned, causing it to stop, and we all had to get out and climb back down. My girlfriend laughed at me for how scared I was. FML
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  emilyyy_maryyy  |  14

Please. I think anybody would be scared shitless if they had to climb down a ROLLER COASTER. I mean, I'm not afraid roller coasters or heights but damn. OP's girlfriend acts as if it's no biggie.

  skitzymew  |  19

My boyfriend is scared of heights. We got stopped at the top of the Millenium Force one time and I swear he was petrified. I don't know how your girlfriend could play it off like no big deal, OP. Climbing down is scary as hell. Nobody should be laughing at anybodys fears.