By monsterdanceman - 23/10/2013 23:16 - United States - Ozark

Today, I tried to tackle my fear of heights by riding a rollercoaster. Once we were near the top, it malfunctioned, causing it to stop, and we all had to get out and climb back down. My girlfriend laughed at me for how scared I was. FML
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Sensory deprivation

By Trisha - 07/10/2023 10:00 - United States

Today, I went to a theme park with my friends. I was excited to ride the rollercoasters, but just as we were about to get on the biggest one, I realized I'd had left my glasses in the car. I can't see shit without them, but I decided to go on the ride anyway. I spent the entire time screaming in terror while my friends laughed, while I couldn't see a thing. FML
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that's a good way to get over your fears.

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That truly is rough OP, I feel your pain. But at the end of the day, you can say you faced your fears head on, and thats something to be proud of.


that's a good way to get over your fears.

Yes, I would say that it's all... ...Downhill from here.

Not really #1. An experience like that is far too traumatic to be of any help in overcoming a fear.

Don't worry, lots of people have a fear of heights. Try making fun of your girlfriend's phobia. Everyone has one.

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Well , at least it saved you from spewing and embarrassing yourself after .

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24 being stopped at the top of a hill on a roller coaster then walking down isnt "traumatic"

#72 Obviously you do not have a fear of heights! To someone who IS afraid of heights being in this kind of a situation will only make their fear worse.

what's roller coaster was it? I love speed and heights.

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That truly is rough OP, I feel your pain. But at the end of the day, you can say you faced your fears head on, and thats something to be proud of.

Wow. She's such an ass OP. I'm terrified of heights so I feel your pain.

I have arachnophobia and nothing is worse than when people laugh at you for being terrified, OP's girlfriend sounds very inconsiderate.

Please. I think anybody would be scared shitless if they had to climb down a ROLLER COASTER. I mean, I'm not afraid roller coasters or heights but damn. OP's girlfriend acts as if it's no biggie.

I have an irrational fear of Ladybugs. Nothing is worse than getting laughed at or people tramatizing you for entertainment.

My boyfriend is scared of heights. We got stopped at the top of the Millenium Force one time and I swear he was petrified. I don't know how your girlfriend could play it off like no big deal, OP. Climbing down is scary as hell. Nobody should be laughing at anybodys fears.

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Good that you are working on your fears. Look at it this way: The rollercoaster broke down, and you are still alive and unharmed. Nothing to be afraid of.

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Holy hell. I would have been freaking out as well. I'm deathly scared of heights myself.

Yup ! Ur dp is saying the same. Lolz..

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At least you tried. An at least you are safe : D

Honestly my worst nightmare... Rollercoaster malfunctioning... And on top of that walking down those tiny, sketchy ramps. Eeek

and after watching Final Destination such incidences scare the hell out. .

#37, that movie is the precise reason that I didn't ride rollercoasters until two years ago.

And now you are here and wrote that fml. You managed to face your fear though your girlfriend was laughing at you. Don't care about her, be proud of yourself!

I'm sorry to hear that OP. I would have probably had a panic attack for all I know!

At least you tried to challenge your fears! Don't worry about getting laughed at OP, part and parcel of life I guess; well done for trying to tackle your fears though.