By Anonymous - 17/01/2013 00:53 - United States - Wahiawa

Today, I went on a run with my crush. She expressed how happy she was to have a decent running partner, because the last one kept complaining he thought he might throw up. We got to the top of the hill and I puked right in front of her. FML
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Well at least you weren't complaining all the time.

Better in front of her then on her


Well at least you weren't complaining all the time.

Well aren't you a smooth one.. Or maybe a chunky one, I would need a picture to fully decide

^^ nice thread jack

HKC- this isn't 2010, that doesn't fly anymore.

Wowxoxo 17

It was probably so sudden! I wonder how far they ran...

tpm45 25

Maybe she will laugh at the irony, appreciate you not complaining, and will thus like you more! Win!

Actions speak louder than words

Better in front of her then on her

I prefer then. Much better image.

Atchoo 8

This is one of those times when then vs. than makes a world of difference.

Hahaha your comment made my day

I'd much rather my running partner push themselves than complain . Hopefully she felt the same and isn't a sympathy puker or something.

heartemopants 18

but you didn't complain!

They say push trough the pain but there's not a lot you can do when lunch pushes back.

Better runner's pukes than runner's diarrhea.

VIPwhenever 15

This makes me wonder if it was super hot, since it does say from Hawaii. It could've been the reason he threw up.

theslimshadylp 6

You literally blew this one my friend.

she sounds like a rough partner to be running with... are you going to run with her again?

Didn't you get the memo that running is a friend zone activity anyways and you totally just did unnecessary running? xD Goodness well hopefully you at least were wearing nice shorts or something. Chicks dig the short loose ones or the long tight ones on dudes.

Well at least you threw up when you got to the top as opposed to on the way up. The run back down should be a cinch compared to coming up. Hopefully she'll see that you're a trooper.