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Today, my boyfriend told me he wants to break up. But not until after our anniversary tomorrow, because he's already gotten dinner reservations for us. FML
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bonsaiboy26 1

Your boyfriend needs to be your ex boyfriend, and he needs to go to dinner alone. As for you my dear you need to hold your head high and your middle finger higher.


bonsaiboy26 1

Your boyfriend needs to be your ex boyfriend, he needs to go to dinner alone, and you my dear need to hold your head high and your middle finger higher.;-)

um in the FML it says that the BF is breaking up with OP. he coulda just said screw you ill take someone else to the dinner. least op gets "one last dinner date"

why the **** would anyone want to sit through a dinner like that?

50- what I don't get is why he didn't wait until after the dinner to tell her so at least it wouldn't be awkward

That's so stupid of him to think he was actually being thoughtful or didn't want to ruin dinner. What an asshat.

mvc3ftw 17

Who started this whole "asshat" thing? just curious.

bettykooler 7

I think John Green actually but idk.

Order the most expensive items on the menu. Edit: Didn't notice how many people posted this same idea..

zero91 4

go to dinner , enjoy the food and leave when the bill comes

I believe the reinvention of the term "asshat" was caused by Doc.

johnrdz3 24

If you didn't go, good for you. If you did go YDI.

yaniggamatt 3

that was stupid of him. just dont show up because i doubt it would be comfortable for either of you anyway

If all he wanted was the dinner he should have 1. Waited until afterwards to break up or 2. Brought someone else

justonecomment 2

Am I the only one ego thought maybe he was trying to trick her and had really planned in proposing. By far not the best laid plans, but like all FML's we never get the whole story, and well never know if that was the case.

^ Yes and he might be a triceratops. I mean, like most FMLs we don't get the whole story so we'll never know if that's the case. Come on dude.

Bunaf 4

If he is a dinosaur, this FML just got a lot more awesome!

unknown_user5566 26

29- I've heard many stories of "trick" proposals, but none of them begin with breaking the heart of your significant other.

Actually there was a story on yahoo news awhile back where the guy faked his death and proposed when the now fiancee was viewing the "body"... I'm sure that was heartbreaking at first

unknown_user5566 26

38- That is terrible! What happened to making proposals cute or fun? I'm not sure how I would've responded if my husband proposed to me right after making me think the love of my life was dead. I'm sure sometime in the distant future it might make for a funny story, but in the moment, that is emotionally scarring.


Or she could have a free dinner?

Quiet_one 22

38- I remember reading about that, and my only thought was that if a guy tried to propose to me like that I'd dump his ass right there. I appreciate a good prank, but faking your death is going too far- it's not a harmless joke anymore if it causes emotional trauma. I just can't believe he got so many people to go along with it. And back on topic, the OP should just stand him up and let him have his dinner without her. If he's said he wants to break up then as far as you're concerned you are not obligated to do anything else for him, because you're not dating him anymore. If he complains, remind him that he's the one who wanted to break up and you're just respecting his wishes.

CheshireHalli 19

Kylee, even better was the guy saying that he did it so she would see how much she needed him in her life.

wildsweetchild 19

29-that's what I immediately thought of too...some people have a wicked addiction to pranks...and some pals have their wicked ways of making things special..he might be the one who belongs to both of those clubs. OP, I'd say go, have a dinner...see what is coming...if it turns even worse you can always leave...

Well that ruins the whole dinner for you.

I don't think she's planning on going now anyway, she probably either a: stormed off crying or b: sarcastically said sure and then yelled and or kicked him in the nuts

Exactly my point. She was looking forward to the dinner and her (ex)-boyfriend was too insensitive to wait until after their anniversary to break up with her.

No, use your brain... Order two of the most expensive things on the menu, excuse yourself to the restroom and climb out the window.

bonsaiboy26 1

Your boyfriend needs to be your ex boyfriend, and he needs to go to dinner alone. As for you my dear you need to hold your head high and your middle finger higher.

Well, no. Simply because the relationship is over, it doesn't mean they can't have a dinner as friends. Sometimes these things just don't work out. While he worded it poorly, if he had used an alternative phrasing, I'm sure he wouldn't be viewed as badly.

Sitaaboo 6

Beautiful. Absolutely true. Hold your head high and your middle finger higher! :)

Well that's not going to be awkward at all.

agonydrum 7

Free dinner, what's the problem?

Exactly, nothing hurts a person more than spending their money. So op I suggest you find the most expensive thing on the menu and conveniently take a bathroom break when the check arrives. Sorry about the break up though.

I would say order the most expensive shit you can, but this would probably back fire since he'll probably try to leave you with the bill.

Beat me to it 8. Great minds think alike?

So, you order and leave before you get the meal. That's if you believe that that's going to make you feel any better. Personally I wouldn't go.

After she is finished eating she can "excuse" herself to the toilet leaving him with the bill.

unknown_user5566 26

30- Why did you put excused in quotation marks...? I think you meant to put toilet in quoatations. If she excused herself from the table, there would be no trick in that; however if she said she was going to the "toilet" and then left, she would be acting sneaky.

LiterOfCola 16

Holy shit 37. Your comments piss me off

Lmfao, finally somebody came out and said it!

Eat as much expensive food as possible then "go to the toilet" and bail on him.

**** that. Be a bad-ass and just walk out on him. Maintain eye contact on the way out too.

RedPillSucks 31

free dinner. make sure he gets no breakup sex.

I love your picture :) But on a serious note, I've never understood the concept of break-up sex. What's the point? I don't think I'd be able to focus on having a good time if I knew what was coming after.. I think OP should just refuse to show up.