By carl_carl_ - 13/07/2015 15:10 - United States - Wichita

Today, I was on a roller coaster behind a boy who vomited in front of me as the cart shot down. It splattered all over my arm, and a little on my cheek. FML
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I would probably throw up just from that whole thing happening

He was probably really embarrassed


Sounds like a sticky situation.

You failed. Miserably.

It's sickening when people are so quick to spew out these overused puns that immediately get down voted into oblivion.

44- it's even more sickening that people actually get mad at them. Does it really bother you that much?

Is it really such a bother? completely missed it.

It's part of the English language, if you don't like puns, or play on words, invent your own language, or maybe go fuck yourself. Either one is fine.

and don't learn Chinese it's full of puns, the language is basicly built for puns.

awwh that is disgusting! poor you!

My dog threw up out the window of the car and a similar result occurred

This just reminded me of It's Always Sunny, the show that taught me not to throw jars of pee out the window.

Your mom should of taught you that

Your mom should've taught you that there is no 'of' in 'should HAVE.'

That's definitely not a nice time OP! I hope you got to wash it all off straight away.

At least she had her mouth closed. 2Strangers1Rollercoaster

Judging by the name on the fml, I think OP is a he

I would probably throw up just from that whole thing happening

I just pictured a never-ending chain of people barfing.

For some reason I did as well, great minds think alike!

Family guy. You know the episode.

The BarferCoaster. Fun for the whole family!

I hope that wasn't your first experience with roller coasters...Either way hopefully next time you go on one, it goes better!

I think I would have thrown up as well, and then started a chain reaction of it. But when ever I hear stories like this I can help but think of the movie The Sandlot!

Glad I wasn't the only one who thought of this movie.

He was probably really embarrassed

kid got his money's worth

it just had to be the person in front of you, not anyone else. that's my luck in life