By Anonymous - United States - Clive
Today, at my local amusement park, I decided it'd be fun to meet someone on the roller coaster by sitting alone and hoping that someone nice would sit next to me. I rode the roller coaster 7 times. I sat alone each time. FML
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  zZLightZz  |  13

who goes to an amusement park alone? no one sat beside you because they wanted to sit with their own friends. you basically took two seats and inconvienced people.

  kingdomgirl94  |  28

Who randomly makes friends at the amusement park anyways? If I sat next to someone on a ride for whatever reason and they tried to talk to me or hang out with me after, I'd be really creeped out.

  Bekll  |  30

#21, one year I had a season pass for a nearby amusement park and would go nearly every day after work for an hour to unwind. It's not uncommon for people to go alone.

  gshocker20  |  21

Yes, 22. The old-fashioned way is to go to amusement parks alone and inconvenience people by taking up two or more seats, expecting someone to befriend you without speaking to them at all first.

  cryssycakesx3  |  22

I don't think it's necessarily "harsh," per se. it just wasn't a good idea. no one wants to sit next to the creep sitting themselves. as others have said, people usually go with someone else. the best thing is talking to people, instead of waiting for them to talk to you. it's a weird way to try to make friends.

  91hayek  |  31

I was thinking about doing it six times over when the first time didn't work. Putting yourself through that is harsh. I guess OP is a very thorough person; which is a good trait, but not in this situation.

  NotAWalnut  |  9

#43 - Just because someone is sitting alone on a roller coaster doesn't make them creepy. They could be the in a group that happens to number so they end up in the next row by themselves, are with other people that just didn't want to ride leaving them to ride alone (why skip a ride you enjoy just because nobody else in the group wants to ride), or are just at the amusement park by themselves because they find going to the amusement park enjoyable. Why do they have to be with someone else so they aren't creepy? Besides that, just because OP was trying to make a friend in an unusual way you insinuate it as a bad thing. What's wrong with trying to make friends that way, or any other way that is out of the ordinary, as long as you have no bad intentions? It's unfortunate for OP that nobody came and sat with them. It's because of there are so many people with a presumptuous and judgmental attitude like yours that OP feels that they are to blame when there are a vast number of possible reasons to the contrary. Maybe there weren't many people that day and so there were no groups that had enough people to fill the vacant seat(s) in the same row as OP or whoever was riding alone or with few enough people that could've say next to OP wanted to sit by themselves. It's absolutely repulsive that you can make such ignorant statements to another person and shows a complete lack of respect for others and their feelings.


Its completely different.
I don't stop mid sentence and start a new line. That'd be pretty freaking ridiculous.
Im not stupid.
Its easier for me to follow when i start a new line.
So maybe everyone could stop judging the way i freaking type when it has nothing to do with my comment.