By Anonymous - 10/08/2012 22:06 - Thailand - Bangkok

Today, my girlfriend, who I've loved and dated for over a year, confessed that she's actually straight as an arrow. All this time, she's basically been using me as an accessory to enhance her "social status" and make her guy friends horny. FML
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take that metaphorical arrow and shank it through her b**** ass heart


Yea that was extremely hurtful sorry op it really does suck to have your emotions toyed with

RocketNinjaFish 12

Yeah that was a pretty horrible thing she did :( I hope you find someone better, OP.

jillybee101 7

Mean? Maybe. Effective? Definitely.

tctheamazing 7

No, 46, it's definitely mean.

musicluvr2000 11

No, it wasn't! (note that I'm being sarcastic)

FMLshark 12

"Mean" is a huge understatement. Just my opinion, anyway.

nublets 12

Just say you were using her to help make your bi/gay girlfriends horny and now you have a horde of sex hungry lesbians waiting to leap on you :D

I can't help but wonder if this was a result of someone struggling to grasp at validation for a failed attempt at discovering sexual identity...Lashing out at her partner like that seems like very odd behaviour.

Mean and heartless! Original Poster, you'll find someone who deserves you.

I agree. Bu technically arrows are supposed to bend quite a bit when shot. So maybe she was experimenting.

This is why people don't take lesbian/bisexual women seriously.

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You will hook up with a random person from Thailand? I do not know if that is nice or creepy. Going with nice.

Inheritance 10

Better hope she's close to same age then! :)

I think OPs ex already did break up with her. If she's straight it means no more relationship for OP anyway.

MattioHimself16 2

Downvote #124? This isn't reddit! Which is kinda sorta lots better.

free2speak 14

124, you read it wrong! this is how it goes: "Yo! Yo! Yo!" *124 turns around* "Lol" :) Also, 124 you need to catch up, to turn this horrible trend around, yolo is now being used to promote safety. For ex: today, I looked both ways before crossing the road.#yolo!


It's actually also the McDonald's policy for electrical safety. Their crew awareness posters say You Only Live Once more than it does anything remotely about electrical safety

take that metaphorical arrow and shank it through her b**** ass heart

Anyone who fakes their sexuality, stays in a relationship for over a year to make 'her guy friends horny' definitely that metaphorical arrow.

3 I completely agree with your comment but it also makes me think that this is why shows like deadly women and snapped exist

15 - Yeah they definitely that all the way.

Of course if you stare at something it should be the ass, not the bitch!

15 - Que? Is there something I'm missing or does your comment not make a whole lot of sense? Why is she "definitely that metaphorical arrow" ?

BubbleGrunge 18

Gross, girls like that deserve to be alone the rest of their lives. Don't worry OP when you finally find the woman of your dreams, you can sit back and laugh at her sorry ass because KARMA, she is a bitch!

Karma is a bitch, so just make sure that bitch is beautiful.

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Agree #131, but who was quoting Lil Wayne?

tell all her guy friends she gave you herpes

That would be a bit extreme, no? Then no girls would ever want to date OP again because of her supposed herpies.

17 - I agree that OP's ex certainly doesn't deserve to date anymore but that doesn't mean that doesn't mean OP's chances have to be ruined as well.

kittytub 12

well, if she's telling her guy friends, I don't think that really ruins her chances.

I'm guessing she was pretending to be bisexual. There's a decent chance the OP's bi.

Swift4Life 13

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zuzupetalsYO 11

Time heals nothing. And that's a stupid plan.

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God. Why can't people just break up and move on. If you're out to prove something in your next relationship you usually end up ruining it. People like you create drama when it's not needed

What a complete and utter bitch. You should out her as the asshat she is.