By gross. - 28/04/2013 03:25 - United States - Greenville

Today, my friend made me go on a carnival ride. The whole time, I complained that I was going to puke. I didn't, though. She did, all over me. FML
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Maybe you planted a seed of thought!

At least you weren't sick? But op that blows. All over you.


Maybe you planted a seed of thought!

iLike2Teabag 27

Inception: Carnival Style.

wlddog 14

Once again constantly complaining did nothing to resolve a situation. When will we ever learn??

Once again 30 complaining about us not knowing complaining won't solve a problem won't solve a problem.

Maybe you should start complaining about having puke all over yourself...

He already did.

At least you weren't sick? But op that blows. All over you.

probably could have just left it at that blows. :p

I like the all over you part ^.^

funny how that works

We don't have the same definition of karma. :)

I think this is more irony than karma.

Mind over matter. You put the thought in her head and she puked.

lenamartinovic 13

That's what you get for complaining. In all seriousness OP, hope this didn't kill any sort of future enthusiasm towards carnivals.

Mr25_fml 14

Years from now you'll look back at this and laugh..but for right now se gets to buy you a new outfit

Fuck the whole world.. At least you didn't puke. Please thumb me down FML, at least then I'd feel something... Fuck MY life.

Wizardo 33

Karma is a nauseating experience, don't worry though it only gets more wavey...