By ice cream dude - 10/08/2012 13:58 - United States - Denver

Today, I finished my first two weeks as an ice cream truck driver. Now I can't get that annoying ice cream truck music out of my head. It's even in my dreams. FML
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Well now you have a reason to scream for ice-cream. The scream of insanity.

Succumb to it! Or feel its wrath. Well ice cream is revenge, after all. Sweet and best served cold. Enjoy.


Succumb to it! Or feel its wrath. Well ice cream is revenge, after all. Sweet and best served cold. Enjoy.

Lindahhxd 7

Turn off the music and just scream "ICE CREAMMMMM!!" in the Spongebkb chocolate guy voice.

But that would only work if he was selling chocolate

I always thought ice cream truck drivers going insane from the music was just a myth...

I bet every kid wanted to be an ice cream man at least once in their lives

1- I really like ice cream. I succumb willingly.

"mphhehhnn ndth anhhjm" "WHAT KID!?? YOU WANT YOUR DICK IN PRINGLES?!?? YOU SICK...." *takes ear plugs out* "No Mr Ice Cream Man! I said I WANT IT DIPPED IN SPRINKLES!!!"

megamandude455 10

Chocolate? Did you want… chocolate? CHOCOLAAAAATE!!!!!! CHOCOLATE!!!!!! CHOCOLATE!!!!!!!!

Well now you have a reason to scream for ice-cream. The scream of insanity.

He could also scream at the children to relieve stress, that could work too.

Guy: Hey, kids, would you like some ice-cream? Kids: Yeah! Guy: WELL HERE YOU GO YOU LITTLE BASTARDS!!! (throws ice-cream at their faces) ...I don't think that would go down so well...

That would be awesome though!!!! Do it. Your choices are either throw ice cream at small children or of them in your meat grinder and drink their life juice. 10 children grants immortality! I am 16 092 years old

59 - I know it was a joke, but that was messed up.

Poor op it's only his first 2 weeks... He should go on a ice cream drivers forum and ask how the other long term ice cream drivers cope with the insanity

97- An ice cream truck driver forum??? That one actually gave me a good laugh.

I didn't know that had meat grinders 16000 years ago

Oh yeah. That was when hamburgers were invented... Learn something new everyday!!

Yeah there's about a forum about forums these days haha

Buy some headphones to wear when you play the music

Maybe see if you can Change music being played from a speaker nothing like some metal or other heavy music to make the kids come running

CallMeMcFeelii 13

Just play "We are the champions" by Queen instead. But be warned you will never get that song out of your head. Seeing Queen in your dreams is just a side effect.

That is not a good idea since he is "driving"

CallMeMcFeelii 13

I wore headphones when I rode my bike (motorcycle not bicycle) around. I live in a very rural area though. Plus when riding a bike you need to be paying attention at all times. The headphones never caused a problem for me. Different story for an ice cream truck driver though I'm sure.

I find the traffic noises helpful at times. Plus the ice cream truck driver is driving around on smaller streets (with the ice cream truck music on) with kids running around and might need to hear the kids scream for ice cream!

You can wear head phones, but what happens when an ambulance comes down the street, an you can't hear it!?

64 - Well then obviously you have your headphones too loud.

Well if you can't hear an ice cream truck that you're driving in blasting music through your head phones, you sure as hell won't be able to here an ambulance.

hockeychicl003 6

call me, my dad has speakers for hus bike and he plugs my ipod in, pretty loud haha

It's a paycheck at least and is better than nothing.

I feel like OP's eventually going to let the music get to him and then he'll become one of the many insane ice cream truck drivers.

Oh Sweet Tooth LOL. I can definitely see an ice cream man turning into him after some time. I wonder if the crazed laugh is natural, though.

And you didn't think about this fact during your ice cream driver training camp? It's like your national anthem, you should know it by heart!

olpally 32

Do you get free ice cream?? Because that would be awesome... Also, get an iPod to plug your ears with, but I don't know how much that would help... I'd quit if it's already annoying you this badly.

olpally 32

Ahhh.. The more you know! Glad I learned something today. Thank you for explaining that :)

p3mguin 7

To be honest that's not a good idea, because of the kids trying to scream to get your attention, You couldn't hear them!

Sawarski 13

I was always so excited to hear that music. OP you make kids happy wherever you go with that music.

I could turn myself into a human piñata and bring a lot of people great pleasure; that still wouldn't be a whole lot of consolation to me if I'm getting whacked with sticks. I feel for you, OP!

10, somehow your comment doesn't quite match your pic.

9, You were lucky then. Whenever I heard that demonic music as a child, I used to cry hysterically and get my parents to go get the ice cream for me.

82 - If the music freaks you out, you should read "Mister Ice Cold". It's a short, scary story about an ice cream truck driver. It isn't "scary" like boo! "scary", but it's that special kind of creepy that sticks with you and worms its way into your nightmares.

Your profile picture really made the post :)

Play some Lady Gaga to counter it, that always gets stuck in my head.