By liz - / Sunday 21 June 2009 21:26 / United States
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By  trojan124  |  0

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  easylazy  |  0

no shes not fat shes pregnant duh

  thabeast  |  0

if youre that fat then YDI

  haxromana  |  2

Well yeah, no shit, but depending on the fabric of the cut of the shirt it's not always THAT different from normal shirts, especially if it's a smaller size. I know a few well-endowed women who definitely aren't fat but choose to look for clothes in the maternity section anyway so they aren't busting out all the time. Those "trapeze" shirts and shirts that tie in the back are apparently particularly helpful. I guess it's funnier to just assume that the OP is a land whale, though, so you win.

  Crazee108  |  3

Yea i know right? it's a sign -- lose the weight damn it.

  mrwelsh3  |  0

well endowed=fat


2.. Op probably starving her self not being a bitch but the world don't only revolve around skinny people learn to accept that btw I have no respect for people who judge on some ones weight The girl didn't know the shirt was for pregnet fit she just thought it was a nice t-shirt plus some girls like a more lose not so tight shirt makes them more not so low about there body and weight


i still wear several of my maternity tops as normal shirts, and they look awesome. im 5'6, 125lbs. I love how you people have nothing better to do than judge others on the internet.

By  NGM_47  |  0

If you feel comfortable in it....wear it. But if you don't want people saying "Congratulations!!" randomly, then I suggest you only wear it at home :)

By  ithedarkknight  |  0

why you guys keep complaing about your fat... i mean nothing but your mouth got you into this situation try closing it for a change... it works wonders FATASS!


wow, you're an asshole. a huge percent of the nation's obese people didn't get 'fat' just by over-eating. they could have a thyroid problem, injuries that prohibit excercise, unusually slow metabolism, a genetic tendency to be obese, etc. you're probably technically overweight, too. most people are, even if they seem relatively 'thin'. so think before you post. fucking ignorant retard. -_-"

  high4  |  0

I would say your wrong, MOST people are fat because they eat too much.

  herotime  |  7

Slow metabolism is just a pretty way of saying too lazy to exercise

By  ASUdec  |  0

Not funny. You are fat, nobody cares

By  BreezyPear  |  0

Seriously, if this is an issue about your weight, I'm a size 5 in tops and maternity clothes fit me too. You're not the only one, but next time check before you buy something.

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