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By Anonymous - 14/02/2014 21:39 - United States - Daytona Beach

Today, a guy called customer support, claiming his internet wasn't working. I asked for his customer details, and he gave his name as Mike Hunt. I recognized the old joke, called him an idiot, and hung up on him. It turned out that was his real name. I'm now on suspension. FML
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He should know better than to use his regular name?

im pretty sure its fraud not to use his real name!!! ... and I know a guy named mike hunt too

Maybe his name isn't Michael, maybe it really is Mike?

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If that were my name I would always say Michael Hunt. Even if my real name was just Mike.

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Wow that sucks i guess you should expect the unexpected

That's what customer service deals with.. It's your job to help people, not call them an idiot.

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20: how would that have helped?

Because he would have said his name was Morgan Freeman . That's the joke #45

Thank you @47 for explaining things. You are gorgeous by the way. And I say that in my real self not as Morgan Freeman.

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I caught that. -_- I just don't see how having introduced himself as Morgan Freeman would've helped his situation (inb4 "but Morgan Freeman makes everything awesome!")

I've been there. Even though you may encounter a prankster or two as a CSR, you must never assume anything. You just never know. Losing your job isn't worth letting some pea brain with nothing better to do get a laugh at your expense.

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It was just an inconvenient misunderstanding; let's learn to not assume.

I'm really sorry. What parents would name their child Michael Hunt? It's an old joke, so I can understand why you didn't quite believe him, but really, never make assumptions.

Where i work an announcement went off with what sounded like "will a loosy goosey please meet their party at ...." My friend and i almost lost it, youd be surprised what people name their kids, when i was younger there were siblings named Diamond,Princess and Precious. My friend met someone in university with a name spelt Le-a which is said Ledasha......again i lost it.

I actually knew a Michael Hunt. Got angry when we called him Mike. Never understood why he didn't just go by his first name instead. Odd fellow.

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It sounds like 'my ****' if you say it quickly enough.

It's a little FYL and YDI because yeah it's a common joke and you didn't think he was serious, but yet again it's work, and you should take calls at work seriously.