By XLhottie - / Saturday 6 June 2009 06:48 / United States
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  yoyoforpeace  |  14

Wow everyone was an asshole in 2009 so one thing...targets swimsuits run small. My friend who wears a small had to get a large bottom. Nothing wrong with a nice butt! Embrace your curves!

By  kristenlee  |  3

Well they do say that when you get fatter, it takes a toll on your eyes...(glaucoma, cataracts, both diseases that you're high at risk at when you get type two diabetes) lose moar w8.

By  Windexglow  |  0

Oh dear god, you gained some weight over the winter! Oh man is your life screwed! I'm glad I'm not you! Gee wiz, how do you get through life?

By  citruschick  |  0

Awww that sucks I know it's hard but try to do something bout it Like make a habit out of running arou d the neighboothood every morning so that after a while it'll just seem normal! Try as best you can to watch what you eat, and again I know it's easier said than done, but best of luck!

  blondechick69  |  0

agreed #6, they shoudn't even make extra large two pieces. No one wants to see that.

By  Button_x  |  0

...Maybe you shouldn't be wearing a two piece then. >_> Sorry, I hate to sound like a bitch but larger people shouldn't wear a two piece. I mean c'mon, if you're embarrassed about your weight it's a no brainer anyway.

By  sexxiness2121  |  0

Just try and excercise as best you can. You may have a slow metabolism, and its not your fault. You just need to eat less fattening foods, and pretty much just eat less, because it takes a longer time for you to digest and you gain weight quicker. Just buy a one piece! I may not be the best to give this advice seeing as I have a fast metabolism and eat boxes of chocolate chip cookies a day and still am pretty slim, but you can do it! I fit into a large at abercrombie in bathing suit bottoms sort of kind of and I was proud that I gained weight! It just depends on who you are. Be proud!!!!!!!! p.s.- your mom is an asshole :D

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