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Today, I was at Target trying on swimsuits. I tried on a medium bottom and was so excited because it fit perfectly even though I've gained a few pounds. My self-esteem was at an all-time high until my mom told me I could never fit into a medium. I rechecked the tag. It was an extra large. FML
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you should sit on your mom, that should teach her a lesson.

The size on the tag doesn't matter as long as the clothes fit well and you feel comfortable with the way you look.


Easy solution- DONT EAT YDI I am not going to be forgiving or all- "its okay" to people who cant monitor how much they eat... -_-

Wow everyone was an asshole in 2009 so one thing...targets swimsuits run small. My friend who wears a small had to get a large bottom. Nothing wrong with a nice butt! Embrace your curves!

Well they do say that when you get fatter, it takes a toll on your eyes...(glaucoma, cataracts, both diseases that you're high at risk at when you get type two diabetes) lose moar w8.

how old are you? you look and spell like an 8 year old.

wut r u t4lkin bout d00d sshe sp33lz jus fien

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338... maybe you should take her advise too... and stop being a bitch

I guess you would know all about the negative effects of excess weight, wouldn't you? Your picture looks like you're trying to hide how fat you are...

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I've gained weight yet my eye vision is 100% perfect

Oh dear god, you gained some weight over the winter! Oh man is your life screwed! I'm glad I'm not you! Gee wiz, how do you get through life?

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The OP is from Florida. Gaining weight over the winter has nothing to do with weather.

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sounds like OP gained more than"a few" pounds

Awww that sucks I know it's hard but try to do something bout it Like make a habit out of running arou d the neighboothood every morning so that after a while it'll just seem normal! Try as best you can to watch what you eat, and again I know it's easier said than done, but best of luck!

You mean bottoms as in... part of a two piece? If you're a girl, that's showing a bit too much, maybe.

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agreed #6, they shoudn't even make extra large two pieces. No one wants to see that.

Not everybody is skinny and who cares if they make that

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You wouldn't be saying that about a men's size 58 speedo.

they make two piece suits that are halter top style or even tank top where it covers your stomach. just cause it is a two piece doesn't mean it's a bikini. smh

#326, sit the **** down and stop being so judge-y

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you should sit on your mom, that should teach her a lesson.

...Maybe you shouldn't be wearing a two piece then. >_> Sorry, I hate to sound like a bitch but larger people shouldn't wear a two piece. I mean c'mon, if you're embarrassed about your weight it's a no brainer anyway.


Your fat thumb was probably covering up the other "X" so it's an "XX Large"

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Just try and excercise as best you can. You may have a slow metabolism, and its not your fault. You just need to eat less fattening foods, and pretty much just eat less, because it takes a longer time for you to digest and you gain weight quicker. Just buy a one piece! I may not be the best to give this advice seeing as I have a fast metabolism and eat boxes of chocolate chip cookies a day and still am pretty slim, but you can do it! I fit into a large at abercrombie in bathing suit bottoms sort of kind of and I was proud that I gained weight! It just depends on who you are. Be proud!!!!!!!! p.s.- your mom is an asshole :D