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Today, I went to a thrift store and found heaps of clothes that I loved that fit me perfectly. Then I found a special distinctive dress. My dress. My dad had thrown away heaps of my clothes and I had to buy them all back. FML
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Donate his clothes, and take him shopping in that trift store.

I think he might be trying to say it's time for you to move out, in his own jerkish way. I hope you didn't have to pay to much for your clothes. Again.


I think he might be trying to say it's time for you to move out, in his own jerkish way. I hope you didn't have to pay to much for your clothes. Again.

Idk, if she doesn't even recognize her own clothes, then maybe she just has way too many. Although, it's still pretty shitty for her dad to do that.

Donate his clothes, and take him shopping in that trift store.

Now, you can force him to buy you heaps of new clothes. Isn't that something good?

Give his clothes to the local homeless people.

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For shame. Now what will the hipsters wear?

#6: Upvoted you, cuz your comment made me laugh out loud. Forget the haters.

Nothing because clothes in winter is so mainstream

I would have a talk with him for sure. He should have to pay you back for you buying back your own clothes. I'm curious as to why he would do that in the first place? Maybe he thought the clothes were too inappropriate?

To THAT extent, that's not his choice. I agree he should have to pay her back every penny.

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Disagree - if you still live with your parents they should have a say in what you wear if it is innappropriate. Part of why moving out is the greatest and hardest thing.

Um NO. Just because she lives with her parents does not mean she has to follow a dress code.

Im sorry but if they are inappropriate, they should've been chucked in the bin, not donated. And to top it off, if she paid for the clothes, they have no right to throw our her prooerty even if shes living with them, and if they bought it, well then they obviously didnt think it was inappropriate.

She didn't realize she already had some of the clothes, and she didn't realize her clothes were missing until she was at the thrift store... Sounds like they were just gathering dust, so her parents did something with them

25, uh no. If my parents think something I'm wearing is too short, they may comment, but ultimately there's nothing they can do about it. Maybe if I was still 18 and they provided all of my wardrobe, then yea. But at this point I'm 21, and 95% of the things in my closet were purchased with my own money, meaning they have no right to go through my clothes and throw things out if they don't like them.

As a parent myself, I hope I can teach my kids (all girls) before they hit that age about self respect and dressing respectfully. But if I find something they are wearing not to my liking, I hope I have a relationship with them that we can give each other constructive critisim. I won't say no you can't wear that, but I would like to be able to put my two cents.

Wrong you are. Kids DO in fact have to follow their parents rules...even if it's a dress code...sorry to burst your little fantasy bubble, but this is the real world. It's called "respect".

#40 - Yes, parents must "respect" the dress choices their kids make. You like that flip?

40… so, to you, kids have to be mindless little drones to the absolute TINIEST detail? Boy, what a life you must've had as a kid. Respect does not mean "I can't make up my OWN mind, just because I'm a kid." Remember that.

Yes kids need to respect their parents, but parents also need to respect their kids need to express themselves and give their kids some freedom or else the kids are just going rebel. There needs to be a healthy, happy middle ground established.

#25 & #40, I believe you'd both be wrong. I'm 21, and live with my mum, but she has no say in what I wear. And before you carry on about respect again, I do respect her greatly, and she also respects me. How can you expect someone to express themselves when their parents are setting a dress code?

@27 Where does it say the OP is a she? Some guys wear dresses too, and unless I missed something, I could not find a place where it said the OP is female or male.

#53 I really don't see how the gender of OP really matters in this FML. If OP was a guy would it be less wrong to throw out the clothes?

First off, if you're an adult and living with your parents it's different. But if you're a kid and you're wearing something horribly inappropriate (like a 10 year old wearing booty shorts that show her bum cheeks) then yes, the parents absolutely have the right to tell her she cannot wear that! It is the parents responsibility to protect their children, & show them right and wrong even if they're telling them what to do, because the parents are the adults and they know better, and that's what parents do. You're not there to be there best friend, you're there to parent them. If you can be their best friend as well, then that's best, but the number one priority is to shape how they grow up so they grow up into responsible adults and are protected as children in the meantime. I agree that all of this should be said with a sit down conversation and explanation of why certain things are inappropriate. With that said, it sounds like op is a teenager (possibly young adult) and has too many clothes (seeing as she didn't even know they were gone or that the first few she was trying on were the same as what she had). Sounds like there may have been clothes all over the floor or something and the parent was making room by getting rid of clothes near the back of the closet. But either way, the parent shouldn't have sold op's stuff and should've talked with op if there was a problem in my opinion.

And you were like "What, What, What, What?"

Well maybe if he can give away a bunch of your clothes without you noticing, you have too many clothes.

Exactly what I was thinking! If you picked up a load of your clothes without realising you obviously didn't wear them that often!

My thoughts too. Op, you realize you had tried on the first few outfits that were already yours and you didn't even realize you already had an identical outfit in your closet at home already? I may be wrong, but I don't think it was necessary to buy back all those clothes seeing as you didn't even notice they were gone and didn't even remember what they looked like when you were trying on an identical (ended up being the same) outfit. It doesn't make what the dad did right, but it's something to think about op.

You didn't notice that "Heaps" of your clothes were missing until you found your dress at the thrift store?

I agree! Also, wouldn't you notice 'hey I own a shirt just like this'? Must be a shopaholic/hoarder. YDI.

Exactly. I'll be the first to admit that I have way more clothes than I need, and I have been known to misplace an item or two and not notice for a while... But even so, I do recognize everything I own and I'd notice right away if I was shopping and picked up identical items. And if there were "heaps" of my clothes missing I'd definitely notice that right away as well. So I can't even imagine how many clothes OP must own to have this happen and take that long to notice!

Exactly! You wouldn't end up trying on an shirt/outfit you already had because you would remember you already own it. How many clothes does op have to not even remember what she buys and not notice heaps of clothes missing?