By Adalia - 03/10/2009 15:38 - United Kingdom

Today, I wore a beautiful new dress that I got for £5 only in a sale. I've been turning heads in it all day. When I got home, my mum pulled the massive red £5 tag off of the back. FML
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Probably a cheap prostitute. =D

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Say it isn't so!!!!!! I can't believe you would stoop so low to save money AND look great at the same time! And the worst part!!!!! People now know it doesn't cost a lot to look great! You're right. Your life couldn't possibly get any worse.


how much is that in american dollars? and wheres the "Reply to this fml" button or whatever? I cant find it.

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there isn't a button. Just scroll to the bottom of the page.

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Its at the bottom, ya know, where you typed that comment but without the "In reply to #1" at the top...

On the bright side, no one could keep their eyes off you all day.

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On the brighter side, it's not **** my life worthy and barely story worthy.

it actually stands for FAILING my life. so this pretty much counts.

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Actually it stands for **** My Life.

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HAHAHA fail.. it stands for **** my life.

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Say it isn't so!!!!!! I can't believe you would stoop so low to save money AND look great at the same time! And the worst part!!!!! People now know it doesn't cost a lot to look great! You're right. Your life couldn't possibly get any worse.

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i don't think a lot of people are getting why this is an FML. she's not being vain in having people know how much her dress costs. it's an FML because the tag indicates that she's selling herself for that much. as in, it seems liek she's a "cheap prostitute"

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No idea how anything American comes into play here. Congratulations, you're a judgmental prick against Americans for absolutely no reason. And I'm assuming you mean U.S. Americans, so state it that way. When you say "Americans" that refers to both the North and South American continents. If you're going to be an uptight douche, at least do it right. And no, I'm not any kind of American. I just really hate the ******* over here who hate on the U.S. and give them the view that everyone from the UK is a pretentious, uptight, tea-sipping elitist with a stick up their ass.

@#7: You do realize the OP is from the UK right? As in..she's not American. O.O

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Yes... just whenever someone from the UK posts anything... along come the bitchy, uncalled for comments. Just re-read the comments... are they really called for??

I see nothing targeting the UK... They're posting things they would post even if the OP were from the States - or anywhere, really. And who says all the comments are from the States anyway? This site is international. Oh, and I get to my inbox and open my mail and what do I see? A message from LeedsFML saying "and you're an idiot..." just for calling him out.

Yea kind of like the comment you originally posted douche haha go eat a sock, or a piece of uncooked broken spaghetti and than when it gets to your stomach throw it up than eat it again, and continue til you can no longer do that so like 30 times??

yeah, they kind of are. and you have to realize that people comment like that on EVERY fml, not just on UK you are hastily generalizing an entire nation. -witchcraft, i feel ya=) i know/am aquainted with a few people from the UK and they aren't douchers like leeds, no worries

Thanks, iTzSaLaD, I'm glad you see people from the isles that are completely opposite of this douche. LeedsFML, really? A message? If you have something to say to me, don't be a little bitch with no balls and send me a message calling me an idiot just because I tore you apart in the comment. I don't want your bullshit filling up my inbox.

How are they NOT called for? This is a stupid FML, regardless of whether it has come from the UK or not.. If you check the comments of almost any other FML, I guarantee that there will be comments like these. Stop being such a judgmental prick. .. and this isn't coming from an American, btw.

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bahahaha witchcraft just burned your ass xD

#20/*her Turns out Leeds is a woman. My bad. Lmao, #28. At least she went away.

Labamba 0

LOL she went away because she knows she can't win this.

She had nothing to base her argument on except pure assumption. I can't stand when people do that. I must say though, that was a nice release.

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This whole argument was amazing. Lol

tbf leedsfml is right. Look at most of the posts coming from the UK & most of them have comments not relating to the post but just taking cheap, pointless and unfunny jibes at Britain.

bugmenotmofo 34

#19: Take your UK-glasses off. As a matter of fact, there are just some f... up people who think their lives suck the most and make fun of everyone here; there are the other kind of people who call every FML a fake; and finally - apart from rather "normal" people - there are those who click "you totally deserve it" for every FML, even the most horrible ones I wouldn't wish for my (hypothetical) arch enemy. Let's face it: Maybe 60-80% of the users here are poor, pathetic a*shol*s that think f***ing up other people's lifes will make their miserable life better...

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mods: i spy someone who needs to be banned

#41 - I agree a lot of FMLs from the UK have a bunch of "YDI for being British" comments under them. But those are irrelevant to this one - take a look at this one. See any of those? No, I didn't think so. LeedsFML was just being prejudice and stupid, and overreacting at comments that would have been made anywhere regardless of in what country the OP lived.

Brittans… *rolls eyes* Uhm excuse me? look Americans came from Great Brittan and we're sooooo sorryy for defeating u. not! so shut up and £ Isnt even dollars idiot. Now shut the **** up and mind your ******* bees wax you douche

HEY EVERYBODY ITS THE DOUCHE!! COME ON IN LET'S SEE WHAT IT CAN DO! yeah the only thing YOU can do is be a bitchy ass hole and do nothing right hmm yay! thats awesome ain't it boys and girls? yeah I thought so now Leed or whatever ur ******* messed up name is go crawl back to ur mommy and cry or even better! go crawl into a ditch and wait till a boulder kills ya what do u think boys and girls? yeah!! I think Leed should do that too!! yay!!! ******* bitches I wonder if ur mom dropped you while birth.

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Wait americans use £??? Ive been useing $

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I feel stupid but how much is £5 in $?

Thats what i was thinking. How is this an FML? Big deal, the dress still rocks and it was cheap.

The FML part is that OP was out in public with a "massive red £5 tag" hanging off of her. Assuming she wasn't a streetwalker (and a cheap one at that), She was probably mortified at what people were thinking they could get for £5.

Labamba 0

She is from the uk.... Not the US

She was rolling her eyes at Americans because of the comments, not the OP. Douchebag Americans. Vive la Canada!!! Lol just kidding I don't hate Americans, just individuals.

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you deserve it for forgetting to take the tag off. and for thinking this actually makes your life ******. big deal.

oh no, **** my life, i left a tag on my new outfit! because nobody has ever done that before.