By Mr. Sniffles - United States - Hamilton
Today, my teacher took my test along with another student's and gave us both a zero. Why? Because we both have colds so when we breathe through our nose it makes a sniffle noise. She thought we were using a secret code to communicate by sniffling. FML
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  kangx1  |  28

watch swoozie06s video cheating in college I think it was and there you go you'll see why the teacher did this. Not defending the teacher but cheating using sniffles and coughs for multiple choice isn't as Ludicrous as you think

By  The_Skittish_One  |  27

That's ridiculously insane, even for this site.
I hope that you can fight this because that is most definitely unfair. If that was seriously her reason for failing you, hopefully it will be easy enough to convince the school board that you weren't cheating. Best of luck, OP :)