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  Today, I went on a blind date at a restaurant. While looking at the menu, my date said "Who even likes kweetch? Gross." When I realized she was trying to say "quiche", I corrected her. That pissed her off. Now I'm at home, alone, trying to decide which hand is going to keep me company tonight. FML
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  sturschaedel  |  27

Well, OP could've worded it differently, not directly correcting her but say something along the line of "I happen to like some kinds of quiche."

But then again, would you rather be with a girl who, in a restaurant, chose what she likes, or with a condescending bitch who feels the need to comment on stuff she doesn't like, calling it, and in extension all the people who eat it, gross, without even knowing if it might be OP's favourite food?

I'd say OP dodged a bullet there.

By  Bulldozer36  |  21

As a grammar Nazi I commend your correction and suggest the "Stranger".

By  limegreenpoopie  |  31

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While I don't agree with it, I'm pretty sure it's just a joke. I've heard it from a lot of older, married men who are content with their marriage. I don't think #5 meant it in all seriousness. But then again, this is FML

By  mewfasa35  |  12

Sorry op, but if she's going to be that shallow, then you are definitely better off without her! Find a girl who could have turned you correcting her in to a humorous moment, instead of a bitchy one!

By  19990231  |  29

If she gets that upset that you correct her over something small like that just imagine when you actually get into a fight.