By Anonycunt - Germany - Bonn
Today, I went on a blind date that my friends set up. Not only did my date visibly recoil at the sight of me, she ended up trying to convince me that we're actually cousins. When I told her how absurd that was, she muttered "Fuck it" and left. FML
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By  buddy51  |  23

Truly, OP, count your blessings. Be glad she left!!
This date started off terribly and could only have gotten worse. Next she would have tried to get you to believe you were her brother or gotten her bad ass grandmother to ambush you with a pool cue! You're better off without her!!
Keep your head up, be proud, and don't ever date women who are nauseated at the sight of you!!

By  JACKxRAWR  |  22

Eh, fuck her. If she didn't like you from the off then there was no point in wasting your time on her. Find someone that likes you for who you are and you'll be far happier for it. Happy hunting man.

By  courtz94  |  24

There's a nice way to decline a date, and there's a rude way. Most people choose the rude way, why? To be assholes. Most people don't care how they treat other people. Don't worry about it OP, just move on.

  cristy91  |  33

I know of some people who (in their younger and less mature days) would choose the rude way since it's easier to see someone angry than sad. I would say OP's "date" took this way too extreme, though

  kder0aeon  |  9

who knows maybe she was trying and jus decided not to go through with it. if ur not attracted then ur not attracted. sometimes u can tell off the bat if there's chemistry or not. stil fml.