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By Anonymous - 27/04/2014 17:05 - United States - Mount Laurel

Today, I went on a blind date at a restaurant. My date took one look at me and said pityingly, "Stuffed your bra, didn't ya? Seriously, why even bother?" The douche then started trying to lecture me on "false advertising". FML
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He probably had a pair of socks stuffed down his trousers.

Well did you stuff your bra?


He probably had a pair of socks stuffed down his trousers.

gjikvtj 18

Exactly, physical harm and making the guy pay a lot of money he might need for bills is way better than just saying you're not interested

gjikvtj 18

Wait nevermind

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if I were OP I would've invited him to the women's locker room and take off my bra to prove to him my boobies are real and walked away to show him what he's missing out on. what a #douche #boybye

Ali_Br_fml 33

#56...So you'd reward his bad/rude behavior by showing him something that he actually really wants to see? Then he'll think that all he has to do to get a girl to show him her breasts is to insult her and pretend he thinks that she's stuffing her bra... He didn't really miss out on anything then, did he?

He wants to do more than touch them. Especially if they're spectacular, he'll be up all night thinking long and hard about his mistake.

56- this is Twitter. Hashtags are not allowed.

I didn't know this is Twitter! My whole life is a lie

I hear all this stuff about negging and Pick Up techniques and I think, who's dumb enough to fall for that? And here I finally find my answer: #56. #56 is dumb enough to fall for that.

It may not be better than "I'm not interested", but its a hell of a good way of saying "you have a serious attitude problem".

31, I'd like to just hope they're simply kidding, and that's not actually the response they think is appropriate. Sorry for your burial..

gjikvtj 18

147: Shit happens I guess

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Why? Females can wear whatever bras they want. Sometimes it's for self-esteem or comfort. I've encountered both.

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chelsearenaeee 16

Women who talk shit against other women to validate themselves are the worst kind of people.

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Even if she did stuff her bra she didn't deserve to be humiliated by a douchebag she just met.

Wizardo 33

#2, seems like your family isn't the only insane one right? Just put down the comments before you hurt yourself.

That's true. He was a complete dick. I guess I was focusing on the wrong part of the FML. I stand corrected. No one deserves to be humiliated in the middle of a restaurant by a stranger.

Did no one here ever think that stuffing and wearing a push-up is for the most part the same thing? Maybe by "stuffed" he meant wearing a push-up. And who cares what she did anyways? You can't be mad at a girl for wanting a little extra "umph". Boobie tricks are the best tricks!

jojimugo 20

#2 shut up Meg

A push up bra is designed to hold the breast high up to make them look bigger hence 'push up'. Some bras come with inner padding that also make them look bigger. I've only heard stuffing a bra refer to literally stuffing your bra with tissues or something to make them look bigger which is just silly and would probably look weird which is why op might have some blame in this. But I would imagine op wore a regular bra but her breast got moved around in it causing weird lumps, happens to me all the time.

carterjanelle 9

When has "stuffed" EVER meant wearing a push up?

The dude on the date probably doesn't know the difference between a padded/pushup bra and a stuffed bra so I mean from a girls perspective, she was probably just wearing the latter. And as someone previously mentioned, stuffed bras are something kids do, not really women.

No, a push up bra pushes up what you already have to make them look bigger.

I'm sure most push-up bras I've seen work BY being padded. Some of them have like 2 inches of padding underneath the boob. Sure it lifts but it does add an extra two of three cup sizes too which kind of IS false advertising. I mean, it shouldn't matter too much - a girl shouldn't be judged just on her boobs and it's her choice what she wears. But wouldn't you think it a bit weird and pathetic if you met a guy with a fake six-pack strapped to his chest? Imo it's kind of the same thing.

I would also have to agree with this. No matter how small your chest is stuffing your bra is just pathetic

I dated a girl with A cups but wore a push-up bra with extra padding. It made them look like C cups. A bit misleading I must say.

To all these women saying shit like "stuffing your bra is ridiculous, just get a push up" Pretty sure a push up bra is exactly the same as stuffing your bra?

To everyone saying that it's the same, it's different, blah blah. It's basically the same. Push up bras are designed differently to help pull the boobs up and in to present more cleavage, but they also have not only more padding all over the bra cup, but another cushion of pad below the boob to push more of the body of the boob up to make it look bigger. In regards to only girls stuff, women don't have to....look up cosplay cleavage tutorials. That being said, anyone that decides to call out a person they just met in the middle of a public place is a douche, and probably doesn't no the difference between stuffing, wearing a push up bra, wearing a padded bra and wearing a cleavage enhancing shirt versus minimizing shirt. Also, this was a first date, so I don't think that stuffing is even necessarily a bad thing at this point. She wants to give the best impression she can and if he's worth it, keep him interested long enough for him to get to know her. Then if he's worth it, she can start reducing the amount of padding/stuffing, etc. Personally, I always like wearing bras that are at least padded (usually about a quarter inch thick all over) because otherwise it looks like there's no bra when it's cold.

Ocdankster 3

Wow! Women are quite vindictive and hypocrites. 1: you ignore the fact that lying on your first date by trying to mislead your date in anyway is a bad idea. The type of revenge based ideas thrown out by women here is just sickening and scary. I'm sure most of you who are responding to this fmylife post vindictively have made it clear they can't hold down a man because they blow things out of proportion and immediately try to hurt someone who you've deemed wronged you no matter how unreasonable you all have been. I believe the guy shouldn't have acted the way he had but he is 100% within reason to call her out for her trying to lie to him. What she did was wrong. Just like if a man told a girl he was a millionaire in order to sleep with her. Then that man would be wrong for doing that. Instead of taking it out on men you women should take it out on the magazines , cosmetic companies , and movies which belittle women and make them feel inadequate through different types of manipulation. They manipulate you women to believe you're never good enough whether it's your hair , nails , skin , chest , butt , eyes , nose and just about every thing they can critique. Most advertisements attack your insecurities by implying that the audience or reader (women reading or watching) you're not pretty until you buy and use our products to fix your many imperfections. Women are bombarded by these attacks and fall for it all the time. The advertisers commonly use men as the judge by implanting guys who you would be embarrassed by if they saw some flaws of yours. They interject these men by starting ads and commercials by stating ," would you want the guy you've had a crush on for years see you without your (Insert makeup name here) exposing your crows feet or blemishes? which automatically makes women feel the attacked by the man they associate with the ad. It builds up quite a bit of animosity toward the people these companies have women associate with their judging in the product ad. Women need to stop focusing on what the magazines and ads are saying on the tv because it's poisoning your minds in order to exploit women for their money. Most men like women just how they are and it doesn't matter if they have smaller breasts. Women should be content with being who they are and enjoy their life and stop worrying about living up to an impossible expectation. Take the power away from those companies that poison the minds of women.

Well did you stuff your bra?

He could really be an idiotic genius. Maybe he knows they're real (if they are, no offense OP), and this is all part of a grand scheme so OP shows them to him. Then again, that's a really bad idea.

Try not stuffing your ******* bra

Gotta love blind dates.

The_Big_Boss 20

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So you don't like D+ boobies?:(

51: At some point the size actually becomes somewhat problematic. E+ don't offer anything that the smaller sizes don't already bring to the table, yet they make things like stretching, sagging, backpain and other daily inconveniences notably worse. That being said, the most important thing about breasts is still who they are attached to... also, many people dislike larger-than-D breasts because those have a disproportionate amount of silicone among them. Silicone-filled breasts are not popular, despite what cosmic surgeons state, and the larger they are the more obvious it becomes that they're not real. So when it comes to cosmetically-enhanced-breasts, most prefer a D-cup. When it comes to natural breasts, most prefer somewhere between B and C, just so that they're very slightly more than a handful, but don't become too much to handle. Hope that cleared it up a bit. ^-^

Are you The_Big_Boss' spokesman? :O Not sure where you get your "most prefer" info from, though.

Dude, stop being a smart ass. The addage rings true, too much of a good thing is a bad thing. Boobs bigger than D tend to be hard to handle for all involved.

54, are you saying that nobody is naturally D+? Then I'd love to know who drugged me up and gave me implants in the middle of the night...

Since when is big boobies something that is too much to handle?

Ladies with really big breasts tend to have back problems due to the added weight of their boobs is all.that's why some women opt for reduction surgery, I've known a few. Guys tend to love any boobs they can see or touch, without regard to size.

These "false advertising" comments bug me. I mean, can you at least pretend you're interested in more than just her boobs?

Oh balls. I guess those that say they love my F's have been lying to me. But then I have had the odd "they're too big" complaints and as I'm 4"11 it probably looks weird.

#54, what makes you think anything above a D has silicone? I'm large chested, and find it both annoying and uncomfortable. Thank God my husband does not have your mindsetn

MidnightMusic53 37

I think #54 meant those sizes for anyone who has actually had a boob job, and not the natural, "larger-than-D" sizes. I think the statement is meant to be taken in general, as I'm sure they know that there are obviously some exceptions.

not all breasts larger than a D are cosmetically enhanced.

#54...I'm a DD and mine are completely natural. While sizes up to E are either unnatural or painful. the sizes in between D and E can be perfectly normal without cosmetic surgery. I have never had back problems and my breasts don't sag. Just figured I'd let you know that. They aren't all that hard to handle either.

bubbat101 36


bubbat101 36

I agree #69! Me too!

After a second look, I now see that the silicone-part became somewhat confusing after I had to switch out the term "fa-ke". What I meant was that the larger that breasts are, the more likely they are to be surgically enhanced, simply because that's how cosmetic surgery has worked for a while. There are practically no A-cups that were worked on like that, yet at least half of the J-cups or above have been created through the help of several surgeries. I'm sorry if that part agitated anyone, just wanted to let you know that I am fully aware that there are naturals with all sizes.

I'm very solidly a natural triple D, and my man loves my size. I actually don't really have any back trouble thankfully. My former roommate is 6'2", and she falls into the G sizing naturally.

Maybe you guys saying they're "too much to handle" are just *******

#89 is right! what about her ass?

jthmtwin 16

I'm a natural 34G and though I wish I was a bit smaller on top I'm still happy with them

jthmtwin 16

I'm a totally natural 34G it's a bit painful but fun

flamingchaos666 4

thats messed up what a prick

OP.. Let's take away the positives here.. You have such amazing boobs.. He couldn't believe it!

That's when you just walk out.

Yep. If he's going to talk to OP like this on the first date, can you imagine the kind of demoralizing boyfriend he would be?!

in a ******* restaurant? what a dick.

A ******* restaurant. we'll have to cite them several health citations.

"Uh waiter, I'll have what she's having".

Hahaha 2nd date???