By BMTH2296 - 21/03/2014 23:42 - United States

Today, I realized how sad my life is when for my 18th birthday, I went to a strip club, by myself, in GTA V. FML
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At least you saw strippers somewhere. Happy Birthday!

HowAreYouToday 34

Well better than getting arrested for car theft irl.

JMichael 25

Congratulations on your first strip club.

Could always pick up a prostitute as well

And then do a stunt jump into the ocean and dive out Wait am I the only one who picks people up and does that?

Bigfabthetruth52 22

when you're done don't forget to beat that hooker take her money and repeat.decent source of income on that game.

#20 No. Not on gtav. All the hookers I've killed had somewhere around $23. That is not worth my time.

Bigfabthetruth52 22

well i guess what i meant was a decent way to alleviate any immediate boredom you may be having.i haven't done it in a while and the amount of money you get from doing it slipped my mistake

where are you picking up your hookers 42? all of the ones I kill have about 11 dollars.

Well at least you didn't waste your actual money

Lap dances are cheaper than your video game. Go out and experience life sometime.

they're also less hygenic, smell worse and don't have perfected standards...

#8 What are you basing your shitty generalization on? Have you ever been to a strip club / met a stripper (that you know of)?

Lol smells worse? I don't think you've been to one either.. But I wasn't necessarily saying to go get a lap dance. I said go experience life. He's alone in his room on his 18th bday when he could've spent that $60 doing something to create memories. Club, concert, movie... Or a strip club if that's his thing idc.

He can play with his copy of grand theft auto for years.... You don't get to play with the stripper

Not true. They smell like buterdcoth and vanilla. They also have excellent hygiene (sp?) because who wants a lapdance from a tunafish? OP should have gone to a real strip club.

Sorry, on my phone. That should be "butterscotch and vanilla"

jazzy_123 20

maybe #8 got farted on last time she had a stripper give her a lap dance ;) lol.

A bit of a good point somewhere in there, but maybe less dickish... Maybe he has no friends to go with or no money at that time.

Yet he had enough money to buy the game new…

"At the time." GTAV came out in September. He JUST had his 18th birthday. That's all I meant.

Lmao at people trying to defend stripclubs. Stick with GTAV. Anyone that wastes their money on gold-digging ***** is more pathetic than someone playing a video game. Buy a beer or some weed and just chill and enjoy yourself.

One does not simply stop playing GTA 5

How about turning your games console off and actually doing something instead of bleating about it on FML, you spoon.

jazzy_123 20

you just called him a spoon .__. LOL!

So picking on some guy on an app about sharing your "worst" experiences in your life is that much better? Screw you and get over yourself.

Lets be honest, calling someone a spoon is hardly picking on them.

dastiera 7

But video games are fun and when you have no friends + socially awkward sometimes it's the only comfortable escape