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By  Huey_Freeman  |  4

I took one look at this FML, said "nope", and walked away.

  AssTard  |  15

I think it's better for her to leave, rather than have to date someone she doesn't like. However, I do think she could have been a whole hell of a lot nicer.

  DontClickOnMe  |  28

47 - But how would she know she doesn't like him if she hasn't even tried to get to know him? I think she should've at least given him a chance and see how things go, then decide whether or not she wants to date him. What she did was just completely rude, but anyway, you dodged a bullet, OP. She seems like a shallow bitch.

  AssTard  |  15

@56: I completely understand that. I'm not even going to try to justify what I said before because I think I fucked up what I meant. I do feel really bad for OP, and he could have the absolute best personality in the world, but if the female does not find him attractive then she has every right to POLITELY decline a date. I guess that doesn't apply here considering she already accepted the date, blind or not, and should have not been an asshole (kinda like me in that other comment).

  BulldogHoops  |  14

28- I always get a kick out of that kind of irony. For instance, I frequent ESPN chat rooms. While on one of those, somebody was angry with me and said "your a idiot". That brightened my day.

  free2speak  |  14

Agree with 104. And as much as I want to call her out for a being bitch, she actually did the right thing instead of wasting his time and money if she wasn't into him to begin with. it's always better to be rejected than to think you have a chance, build up hopes and dreams and THEN be rejected.

By  rizzybear  |  4

You dodged a bullet there bro. You'll be fine. She'll probably find some guy at a club somewhere who fits her standards of perfect looks and minimum wage pay.