The turkeys fight back

By Anonymous - 12/04/2015 18:29 - United States - South Burlington

Today, I found out that turkeys can fly. I also found out how much a new windshield costs. FML
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gintwinsmoore 20

were u driving that fast or was the turkey moving that slow???


drunkmunkey 24

haven't you seen South Park? turkeys are dangerous but you can count on an Etheropian named Marvin to get rid of their bodies after the battle so it all works out :)

OP. if you only now found out how much a windshield costs, you have been very, very lucky.

incoherentrmblr 21

Which in that case, should be covered under some bumper-to-bumper warranty, unless the car is pre-owned/used...

Eliseopwns 22

Not many people believe they can. Wild turkeys can actually fly fairly far. I've been walking my dogs on my land and spooked a mother turkey from her nest, and she flew up to a tree branch about fifteen feet in the air. Of course we left the nest alone and walked away in case something happened.

That's why OP said he/she found out that turkeys can fly. Otherwise, OP probably wouldn't have said that.

I live in a second floor apartment, and have had them on my deck occasionally

Meth. A little ecstasy on the side, too. But man, that turkey ****** him up.

bathsalts and meth he wasn't ready.

gintwinsmoore 20

were u driving that fast or was the turkey moving that slow???

Turkeys apparently look up during rainstorms and drown.

Won't the food be no good? I I'm correct you can shoot it in the body cause it will ruin the meat/bird.

yeaaah i'm the first one to comment !! it'll probably be moderated in a few minutes :p tho i'm happy

Unless you meant to say eighth person, then you are mistaken.

I would love to know the full story to this....