By slayerdeath - 20/05/2012 05:19 - United States - Valparaiso

Today, my girlfriend went in for a kiss too fast and broke my front tooth. FML
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FMLshark 12

Love hurts.

Well sir, that is indeed unfortunate. I hope her dad is a dentist.


Well sir, that is indeed unfortunate. I hope her dad is a dentist.

So that's why they do it slowly in the movies.

Inheritance 10

Couple bucks towards the making of a new tooth! Go tooth fairy ;)

Maddidaddi 0

I would have punched her.

14 - why would you punch her?? It was an accident. I mean she was probably already like "oh crap...."

#40 is a real ladies' man. Every man should take notes from him and every woman can only dream about being with him.

At least he didn't get his tooth choices by a giant dildo-launcher. Stupid Jonny Knoxville

free2speak 14

I chipped my boyfriend's front tooth once... he still has that little chip. :/ oops. good thing it is hardly noticeable.

#40; What the hell?! She didn't do it on purpous! Why the fuck would you hit a girl AT ALL is my first question?? You sound like a dick.

Yep shes doing it wrong..practice makes perfect though!

FMLshark 12

Really? Wow, until today, I thought breaking teeth when you kiss is perfectly normal, if not expected. This is news to me!

You make sense! it might be normal. Wow im starting to doubt myself ,i dont think i was doing it right..

FMLshark 12

Well I wouldn't recommend it. As a shark, I can just keep re-growing teeth. ;) Poor humans.

She's an eager beaver!

TheBonzaiGirl 0

Don't you hate when that happens.

FMLshark 12

Love hurts.

BandWagonGuy 8

Fortunately, there is a lot of fish in the sea. Unfortunately for them, you're a shark.

BandWagonGuy 8

Jeez, I read that back and it sounds horrible; well for the record I'm only kidding!

You should've said "Love bites!" Because you're a shark? ....yeah that's terrible. Well, I tried.

I know it doesn't have any reference to the fml, I was just trying to be funny and failed :P

FMLshark 12

It's okay, 28, I tried dating a tuna once and he was just too delicious to resist one day.

Some experience heart aches, while others experience tooth aches, lucky bastard. But hey, at least she is enjoying time and such with you of she's that enthusiastic to kiss you.

I just wanna say, so I hope you see it before I'm moderated for being off topic, I love you and your comments. Mainly comments since I don't actually know you but you seem absolutely lovely.

Teabubbles 8

Keevarou- I love your posts, you always look on the bright side of things! :)

You should seek help if your tooth breaks that easily. I've been kicked in the jaw/mouth and body with steel capped boots (I was jumped by multiple people) and my bones and teeth were fine, bruised and battered but a tooth that breaks easily may lead the way to the discovery of a much bigger problem.

thiscrazything 1

You are probably right, but damn, fmessiah, you hang around some tough kind of people, don't you?

They only jumped him because they were jealous of his awesome goatee.

#5... You wax your eyebrows? Because they are arched perfectly and look better than some woman's.... I'm jus

Keattles 14

Haha must be a rough kisser ;)

ss_20_xx 14

Lol you have no idea. Same thing happened to me but only a tiny part of my front tooth came out. It was embarrassing when the dentist wouldn't stop asking how that happened.

Keattles 14

I can't even imagine thy happening to me. Haha

Keattles 14

Man I type so bad. That***

That's her new way of showing affection. Instead of fist bumping, she prefers tooth bumping.

MizzErikaHart 8

Be glad it was your tooth and not something else

How the hell does that even happen?

And that's how Op got his part in Dumb and Dumberer (to the grammar Nazis, that is how the sequel is spelled. Don't kill me)

At least she was excited about kissing you :) so did she make the first move? Is that why she "went in for a kiss too fast"? Because that's a good sign too