By CircusSea - 05/11/2012 00:02 - Puerto Rico - Carolina

Today, I work on a cruise ship, and I just learned that we have a morgue on board. How did I learn that? It's right next to the crew laundry room, and I opened the wrong door. It was occupied. FML
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To the people asking why there's a morgue. A cruise is in the middle of the sea. If someone dies suddenly, what are they going to do with the body until they get back to port? It's sensible to have one!


At least you discovered before you accidentally created some clothes

That is a bit of information I could have gone forever without knowing... And what cruise line is this anyway?

Oh yes, making clothes from scratch would take forever!.......oh you meant cremated! Sorry, carry on.

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6-every cruise ship has one it doesn't matter what line it is, what else are they suppose to do with the body

Every cruise ship has one- what did you think they'd do with the people who died??

Ever since "Ghost Ship," things have never been the same...

I guess we assume only happy things happen on cruise ships. But I guess if you think about it...

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Jigsaw cruise lines, everyone on board is about to play a game

Cruise ships tend to be filled with senior citizens. Senior citizens tend to die more frequently than younger folks. A morgue is an unfortunate necessity on a cruise line - even if the cruise ship were to only be filled with young people. Accidents happen, after all.

And sometimes non-accidents do too..... Or am I reading too many cruise ship murder books?

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39 - and would you agree with that if your mother died on a cruise ship?

Guys... I don't think you understand that 39 was kidding...

#50 your not alone, I think murder mystery!!

Im sorry op! Ps what idiot would put a morque next to the laundry room!

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Wow, way to over-react over a typo. Qeez, qive her a break!

Somehow I don't think that's a typo. G and Q are half a keyboard away from each other.

Where I live, a hospital that was built a long time ago built the morgue right beside the kitchen. Thankfully they've fixed it and now its a storage freezer I think. To this day I feel weird trying to eat there...

Where else are they supposed to put it? Is there somewhere better you would suggest? At least by having it next to the staff laundry room, that implies that guests don't tend to go to that area of the ship, making it less likely that they will go in there.

Almost every cruse ship and hospital has a morgue. They are generally located next to or nearby the kitchen. The mortuary school I attended had the lunchroom under the embalming room... I never ate there...

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A morgue next to the laundry room? Now you can clean after cleaning out!

*morgue* sorry! It was a typo by the way :) and thanks btw Pleonasm.. Some people really need to calm down on here! :)

I think it should be put somewhere where nobody can accidentally walk into it!

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Ours was down the hall, had a tour once and three of the drawers were 'occupied' weirded me out a little.

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Oh dear god. It's one of those things you wish you were better off not knowing.

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Why is there a morgue on a cruise ship? The only reason I could think is for people to hold a funeral and throw the deceased overboard, but even that doesn't sound right.

If someone does unfortunately die onboard, without a morgue where would they put the body?

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Oh! That makes a lot more sense, thanks for clearing that up and sorry for my silly comment, but I'm glad I asked so I got an answer:)

I was on a cruise, and a old guy died... They put him in the walk in freezer. I helped carry the body, and was a little surprised at first walking through the galley with him, but better froze, than rotting!

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I think the real FML is that OP works on a cruise ship.

#86 - why? AFAIK jobs on cruise ships are paid very well, aren't they?

To the people asking why there's a morgue. A cruise is in the middle of the sea. If someone dies suddenly, what are they going to do with the body until they get back to port? It's sensible to have one!

I was thinking just throw it overboard, but you're right, this way you can turn them into piñatas, pot pourri, or even anchors if you have enough of them!

26 - I doubt that relatives of the deceased person would be OK with "your granny died on the cruise ship, so we had to throw her into the sea", you know.

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Plus maybe they believed in souls, would you like to be buried under the sea?

From what I've heard, they air lift (as in take in a helicopter) the body and the family.

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Oh, great. Love a good cruise morgue.

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Idk why, but this just scared the **** out of me. O_O

Me too... Im like, freaking out right now...

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Probably just the thought of being in a room with dead bodies. But I'm over it haha

Where else would you put any dead bodies of people that happen to die on a cruise ship? At least you won't find one in the laundry room! :)

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I bet the ship's mortician gets paid more and does less work than you. New job?