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Today, I had to show my husband a video on how to brush your teeth. FML
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You couldn't figure out he didn't know how before you married?

yoursucklives 36


You couldn't figure out he didn't know how before you married?

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That is not something that just pops up out of nowhere.

She probably just got fed up with his bad breath, or dentist bill, or both.

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Flossing and mouthwash is next, so get prepared!

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I dont think thats too high on the list of things to check for.

47- I dunno about you, but bad breath (or lack of) is pretty high up on my list. Unless you've found a better cure for it?

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68- op didnt say his breath was stink. Maybe he just has hella cavities or op might be ocd and just doesnt like the way he brushes.

yoursucklives 36

I'm also curios what led up to the video? The bad breath or yellow rotting teeth that is slowly turning black?

I thought brushing teeth was so self explanatory. I guess not.

Well there is a first time for everything I guess

I'm guessing he isn't an up and down guy...pun intended

15 - a very poor one, that didn't go anywhere.

You're going to have to brush-up on your pun skills. These people ache for a toothfully good pun, one they can really sink their teeth into. I'm not gonna mince my words; it's your floss if you gum here and do a poor show.

4 is talking about brushing your teeth up and down

You're supposed to brush lightly in circles.

Anytime you need to specify with "pun intended", you can rest assured it's a failure. Also, if it is, in fact, a decent pun, and you feel the need to clarify anyways, you should get thumbed down for lack of confidence in your own abilities. In short, there is never any need to say "pun intended". Ever again.

For some reason I imagine like a 1950's middle school educational video about what happens when little Jimmy doesn't brush his teeth. Buy seriously, that's nasty.

Buy seriously? Really? Oh yeah, I'd like to buy some seriousness. Okay that's $69 dollars *laughs* I really need this seriousness to stop being so immature.

26, See now it's times like this when we let minor spelling errors go. You shall not take some of the outrageous critics so seriously on here..

Okay, I'm sorry. I tried. And failed miserably. Sorry for failing at FML, I didn't know it was possible. :(

36 - Think about next time you throw a bitch fit over a simple error.

Remember, Grammar Nazis to-be: Typos are excusable. Bad grammar is what you must criticize to no end.

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Yes, the Y and the T are right next to each other on US keyboards. Now if he's from France, Grammar Nazi his ass!

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Was it because the video was so artistically awesome?

I think I've seen that one. Morgan Freeman narrates it.

If he says no to Morgan Freeman think about a separation. He can't be human.

OP's taking her sex life to the next level ORAL hygiene.

12, Brushing your teeth maintains hygiene while kissing and other oral stuff during sex.

More sexual comments? Omg lol. Your like pleonasm with his puns except your comments are about sex. Almost every comment, that's funny:P

Am I the only one wondering how bad his breathe was if he was brushing his teeth wrong all this time (or if he ever brushed his teeth)? Just saying.

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It is possible to bush your teeth well and still have bad breath if you're one of those unfortunate people who get tonsil stones. I used to get those on one side my my mouth and they are kind of irritating. You have to watch out for them if you want them to go away.

I used to always HATE those things. I used to get them really bad too whenever I'd have a cold or something and they'd smell sooooo bad.

Wow, when you kissed him, didn't you notice that he doesn't brush his teeth? Like before you got married?

she probably realised but couldn't bring herself to say it! it probably got to the point that his breathe smelt like horse shit and she had to say.