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Today, I'm filling in as a secretary. My only job is to answer the phone. So far the phone has rung three times: when I was in the bathroom, when I went to get the mail and when I was shredding papers where there is no phone. Everyone here thinks I am slacking off. FML
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Hi guys I am the original poster but I don't know how to get back into my other account. Anway, this has fulfilled my middle school dream of being published on FML! FYI I am 19 years old and home for the summer from college. I fill in as a secretary as at accounting office because it is usually dead in the summer. They basically pay me to sit up front and answer the phone but I do have to do other things like get the mail, shred paper, file a few things, etc. It is a pretty laid back place and the owners are family friends. It just happened to be on that day I missed the few phone calls that came in. But someone else in the office happened to catch the phone before me. Really not a big deal just thought it was kind of funny! And a sidenote, it was correct for me to use 'where' because the shredder is in a conference room and no phone is in that room. But thank you guys!! I have an abnormal amount of happiness that this got posted.

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flyingflies 36

If your only job is to answer the phone, why where you getting the mail and shredding papers?

Mathalamus 24

maybe you should stick to your one job. your only job is using the phone, right?


Mathalamus 24

maybe you should stick to your one job. your only job is using the phone, right?

flyingflies 36

If your only job is to answer the phone, why where you getting the mail and shredding papers?

You do realize how horrible such jobs are? You are bored, you feel like you are doing nothing because you are just sitting there waiting and you want to be usefull by doing some other things.

flyingflies 36

In fact, I do realize that kind of job can be boring. What YOU need to realize is that my comment was only half serious. Still, however dull a task is, when answering to superiors, what matters is the end result - in this case, all phone calls missed when that was her only job.

Learn to the difference between "were" and "where".

Either one works in this context. Don't be a dick, and learn when to insert the word "to."

flyingflies 36

Haha, #24, thanks for spotting that, I don't know how I missed it! I can assure you that it's just a typo and that, despite the fact that English is not my first language, I do know the difference between 'were' and 'where'. I don't mind that you pointed it out, but you should check your own comment for mistakes - it takes away from the effect you must have wanted to make.

If I had to sit there all day waiting for someone to call I'd be bored out of my mind. I have the same luck, people always call when it's not a good time (meeting, eating, bathroom). It's like your body knows and gets you to do something else.

Stop doing other things and do your job. If you can do something around the phone then go for it but stay within easy reach.

Maybe someone can watch the phone when you have other things to do?

The bathroom is excusable, but your ONLY job (if you told us correctly) Is to answer the phone. Why are you doing other things anyway?

I like how everyone's getting on at OP for trying to use otherwise wasted time productively. I mean, if someone's been sat at a desk all day and the phone hasn't rang at all what would their boss say? Good job? More likely they'd get a warning or something. And who's to say a superior didn't ask them to do the other tasks? I know OP didn't specify but still. Would any of you want to pay someone to sit around and do nothing all day?

No, they pay them to make sure the phone gets answered.

OP never said what kind of business this was. Those 3 missed calls could represent a million dollars in lost sales for all we know. If your business sells luxury cars then yes, you hire someone to answer the phone and nothing else, even when there are only 3 calls.

Frankly I think we need OP's input on this to determine whether they were in the right or wrong to do the other tasks. From my point of view OP was either using initiative or was likely asked to do the other tasks by a superior (assides from the bathroom break) neither of which should be frowned upon

Malsain_fml 10

If answering the phone is so important to a company, they would hire more than one person. Obviously you pay someone to (between other things) answer the phone. But more obvious is that, this very person might have to leave the post sometimes (may it be only to go to the toilets). Anyway, in my office, for every missed call we have to call back, so we can avoid any comercial loss.

It wouldn't have been wasted time because OP would have been there to actually do the job she was supposed to do instead of something that was clearly not necessary.

I think op is doing the other stuff in hopes for being promoted to something better? or to get to know other people at work better.

gemstone586 12

I'm assuming you've never had a boring job. If OP's only job is literally to answer a phone that rings 3 times in an 8 hour period, she/he most likely did the other things as a way to keep her sanity...

I had a job exactly like that. I told the boss I as bored and asked for other work and we set up some other stuff for me to do where I could stay within reach of the phone. When there was no other work to keep me busy, I watched videos and played games on the computer - with his permission, because answering the phone was more important to him than shredding some paper or getting the mail.

At least the phone wasn't duct-taped to the ceiling while you were shredding papers.

bloodyfreak_fml 4

That's the laws of office physics. Anytime you get up from your desk, the phone will ring