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  XxDevilxXGt  |  26

I wouldn't say it's a mental disorder, and there's no need to treat her like that. I could say the same about all Christian people and that they need to seek therapy too for believing in magical places, there's no difference. You just need to talk to her somehow and explain how wrong she is.

  TheDrifter  |  23

I'm fairly sure the silver bullet is for werewolves. I've got a couple here I'm considering trying out on the neighbor's Pomeranian to see if they work on all canines.

  alunamoon  |  7

actually guys, in some interpretations of the vampire mythos, vampires also have an aversion to silver in the same way that werewolves have classically been thought to have.

  rs89  |  20

#6, this one is expected. No, OP should tell her that yes they do exist, but they controlled the media to show people false weaknesses and thus false weapons and this is how they're going to rule someday. Soon.

By  Welshite  |  39

And here I thought it was onion powder that kept vampires away! Now I have to go wash my clothes again...

Does anyone know where there's a garlic powder sale?

  iceliebedich  |  7

one of my classmates actually thinks that I'm a vampire -.-
just because I'm pale, my eyes are naturally golden and sometimes they turn a medium red, I'm ALWAYS cold, and he never sees me eat real food. I get how he gets that impression but I'm not a vampire!

By  0RedPenguin0  |  8

The lady's nuts. Hopefully she doesn't start thinking that you're a vampire, which wouldn't be surprising if this escalates. Get her to a doctor, and tell her some better, less weird ways to scare of vampires