By Anonymous - Canada
Today, I saw a drunk guy hitting on a girl sitting alone at the bar. She insisted that her boyfriend was there, but he didn't relent. So I went over and put my arm around her and asked "Who's this guy?" He walked away, but then I felt a tap on my shoulder. It was her boyfriend. He broke my arm. FML
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actually no he didn't break your arm because if you had done all that and the boyfriend was that close to you he would of seen what had gone on, thanked you and then told you to beat it. but good story.

  lenajoy927  |  0

oh my gosh, I hope you reread your comment and realized the stupidity. the boyfriend tapped him on the shoulder, THEN broke his arm in a whole separate move. hard to understand, I know.

  Je_mapelle  |  0

uh didn't have to EXACTLY go down like that, you know.
the boyfriend could have walked into the bar and just seen the part where his arm was around the girl, and he just didn't hear the whole thing.

good attempt on trying to be "logical", though.

  EvilAngel  |  0

How do you know he was close by? He could've been at the other end of the bar and didn't see what was going on. We don't know where the boyfriend was.

  inmyroom  |  1

To everyone talking about medical bills... the OP lives in Canada... these things are free.
I broke me arm two weeks ago in a game of football, and I got a fiberglass cast and everything, totally free.

  steve42293  |  0

hell no he didn't ... that poor guy was doing that girl a favor cuz her bitch bf wasn't there ... that guy should have thanked him and she should have thanked him too. or at least explained the story to her bf FYL dude you deserved nothing like that

  yehr  |  0

He put his arm around her so the guy got the picture and was convinced. I personally would have welcomed his help and my bf would have been dumped if he just did that to some guy without finding out the full story first. He could have been a long lost friend with his arm around me waiting to meet him when he got back from the bar/toilet/wherever.

  iTrumpet  |  7

I agree completely 214. I wish guys would do that for me. My best friend and I have a deal that we'll pretend to be the other's lesbian lover if ugly drunk guys won't leave one of us alone.

By  so_me_fml  |  0

If life was a movie, it would have worked. She wouldn't have had a boyfriend, she was just trying to get rid of the oversealous guy; she still would have tried to ditch you, but you guys would have ended up together in the end... Never works out like that in real life though!