By birdsterrifyme - 23/03/2015 04:42 - United States - Sikeston

Today, I decided to confront my fear of birds when my friend's pet bird was walking up to me. He got on my arm, climbed up and attacked my face. FML
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"face your fears" they said. "you'll be stronger" they said.


All I can think of when I read this FML is the movie "The Birds". Where the birds attack the humans.

It knew you were afraid before you ever picked it up, it was just having some fun and confirming your fears at the same time.

Not all birds are jerks, haha it was just coincidence! Good try though, hope you're okay! :D

Birds can be really evil creatures.. But I guess you already figured that out ;p I hope you're okay!

Depends on the breed and the temperament o the bird

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One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest...

I think I'd rather this happen instead of attacking my face. Them beaks are sharp! The other can wash off. Although still gross.

Not sure why all of you took this as if they meant being pooped on is worse. What they meant was the bird could have also pooped on the OP, and to look at the bright side.

well that bird / situation escalated quickly... literally.

That is one sneaky bird, playing nice untill it gets up close and then attacks! I bet it could smell the fear

It's the velociraptors little brother, what did you expect?

Sounds like a Caique. Those birds are crazy! One second they're all happy and you can feed them and then their eyes dilate and they try to take your fingers off along with the treat.

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That's like my birds to people. xD

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Okay, so what kind of bird was it?

A macaw could rip out a chunk of face but a love bird can only give a hard pinch. I would say bird species is relevant to his I injuries

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That just happen to be coincedince. If you want to face your fear with birds, i'd say the safest way is to face them at a place where they are proffesionally trained. Shouldnt be no surprises.

I have five tiny little birds and they can all be bitches. I understand your fear.