By loserllamalick - 07/10/2013 14:32 - United States - Rochester

Today, my boyfriend was rubbing my leg. He started laughing and said, "Babe, is this your leg, or am I petting Daisy?" Daisy is my dog. I need to shave. FML
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I don't believe women should be required to shave. If they want to, fine, but the whole stigma against going natural is well...unnatural.

SparkleFace 14

Why us she getting so much hate for this. It's her body. She shouldn't be required to shave.


littlexlune 16

Oh god, what a disaster.

Wow, is shaving your legs really that hard?

I don't believe women should be required to shave. If they want to, fine, but the whole stigma against going natural is well...unnatural.

it's time consuming which is why winter is better than summer.

KeannaLove 32

To keep up with the unrealistic idea of smooth legs 24/7 you'd have to shave almost everyday. It's a pain in the ass to do.

I'd normally agree with you. If she was single. Or if her bf didn't care.

Sweetpea22 14

You should shave your legs and see what women go through. It's a pain in the ass to do and it's time consuming

22: So as soon as a woman enters a relationship she is required to meet the standards of "beauty"? When will men and women realize that you don't fall in love with a puppet, but the quirks and the imperfections of a person.

Not as hard as shaving your face and neck. Stop whining so much and shave them ugly legs

22: Women don't exist to please men, ya know. It's only leg hair. Everyone has it. We are expected to shave our legs, armpits, & bikini area. I'd take the small surface area of a face/neck over that, especially since it's socially acceptable to have scruff or a beard.

22, are you seriously making that comparison? last time I checked, guys aren't frowned upon if they sport a beare/mustache

I kinda agree. It takes like 5 minutes to shave your legs. Also the fact that OP said she needs to shave says to me that she doesn't disagree with doing it and doesn't always go "natural".

@26, in Disney world.

The1CalledGOAT 11

No one can compare the body hair on men and the body hair on women. Personally I want to lay next to my girl and rub her smooth legs, not feel like I'm laying next to some hairy legged guy. There is a reason why they have "Th Bearded Lady" in the freak show at carnivals.

CallMeMcFeelii 13

Honestly, it takes me at least 20 minutes to shave my beard. That's using trimmers and an electric razor, so I can imagine what a pain in the ass it is to shave your legs. There's absolutely nothing wrong with a girl having a bit of stubble on her legs, it doesn't make them any less attractive. Sure, guys do love the feel of a super smooth leg but I don't think it's really that important. Like someone else stated, in winter you girls don't keep up with shaving them quite as much. I know during winter I hardly shave my face at all. We all have to make some sort of sacrifice in grooming when it comes to having a partner, if you can't get over the fact your boyfriend has a beard or that your girlfriend's legs aren't completely smooth, you oughta get your priorities sorted out.

hcollins1 18

Like every other woman has said, it is a pain in the ass and time consuming to keep your legs shaved along with our armpits and bikini area, plucking our eyebrows, dealing with razor burn if you happen to shave too much and not to mention when you accidentally cut too deep. And I know I'm not the only woman that doesn't have my legs constantly shaved during the winter. Too much hassle just to have them covered by jeans/sweatpants all the time.

Sweetpea22 14

I don't shave them until spring time and I have scars from where I cut to deep while shaving. I usually cut my ankle and heel

lol skitsmuffin is so immature. It's just hair seriously. If you are really making a big deal about that, you don't deserve a girl.

dude I shave my face and it takes 10 mins at most I'm sure shaving legs is a lot harder

Really? Try it.

I'm going to take a wild guess and say skitsmuffin doesn't have a girlfriend. Unless you include his hairless right hand.

It is quite a lot of effort. Plus you'd end up spending quite a bit of money on razors and shaving cream if you were to have completely hairless legs all the time.

My heart goes out to the women who must endure shaving their legs. Actually, no, try shaving your face everyday.

hcollins1 18

89, you've never shaved your legs consistently have you?

Sweetpea22 14

Ok, you try shaving your legs. Go ahead and show us how easy it is for you

Shaving is very time consuming. Takes me at least 30 min to shave my beard, I couldn't imagine having to constantly shave more than just my face. Seems like the guys who can't grow facial hair so it takes them 5 minutes to shave can't comprehend how tedious shaving actually is.

addioty 19

What sucks about Florida is that you have to shave all year :/

Why do girls HAVE to shave and guys don't? It's hair. It's natural. I would like to point out that it does take more than 5 minutes to shave your legs. It takes roughly 15-20 to get them absolutely hairless. Even after that time period, I still have a little bit of missed hairs that I have to go back and get. Armpits you can do whenever you take a shower, if you have time, so that's not that big of a hassle. Sometimes you can do your bikini area as well. My boyfriend and I live together, so he knows how often I shave my legs. He doesn't find it unattractive that I don't do it all the time. During the summer, I shave just about every week, so they are smooth, but I always have stubble. You can't keep that away. But in the winter, I don't wear shorts, so it's not like anyone is going to see it anyway. Shaved legs may be nice, but hairy ones are just fine too! I'd like to rub my guys' leg and not feel hair too, but that'll never come true.

oh come on#1 you fucking idiot. woman totally have more trouble shaving legs than us with our face. and they dont have to if they dont want to

35 you're right, that takes another five minutes max.

It honestly takes me five minutes to shave mine. I don't know what you're doing for it to take twenty minutes.

My views as a male are that a guy shouldn't judge or otherwise insult his girl if she has imperfections, but you should really try and keep yourself groomed (everyone okay with that word?)

I personally like it when some guys have scruff. Not all women hate facial hair. Men don't have to shave... They choose to unless its for a job or something. And if its a job then it's their choice to have that job.

Lili_love 14

and their hairy legs?

Lili_love 14

that was in reply to #26 btw

MikaykayUnicorn 36

21: if you shaved every day, you'd start thinning down your skin badly. I've shaved twice in a row and it cut me in so many places because even if you have the thickest shaving cream it still cuts off a bit of skin.

Let's be reality put shaving cream on your legs then you shave them. Woah that's 2 minutes out of your life you'll never get back! Aha plus I like smooth legs...a little OCD.

152, what can't you fucking comprehend about the concept that women shaving their legs takes longer than two minutes? Imbecile

Fine if you don't wanna shave... But don't expect me to think you're attractive & don't be surprised if I mistake you for Bigfoot...

#165 uuhm 152 is a girl, but i dont believe that she takes two minutes to shave. even i cant shave my face in 5 minutes. i like a girl with smooth legs but if she doesnt want to shave than i dont care about it

How the fuck did this become such a long conversation? Women don't have to shave if they don't want to just like guys don't have to shave if they don't want to. But most people think hair is unattractive/unprofessional and if that concerns you, you should shave. Simple as that, right?

Parkour_rocks 20

I agree with #177. However, I think in a relationship, grooming preferences should have a role. If neither partner cares about the hair, then it doesn't matter. But if one does, the other should respect that. It's a compromise for the relationship. Also, it's a little weird that almost every single pro shaving comment has gotten downvoted to the point that they're hidden, but most of the anti shaving comments have a ton of upvotes.

I can't possibly see how it can take someone 20 minutes to shave their legs. It takes 5 minutes 10 max. And you only have to do it maybe twice a week. Is that really so much time that you feel the need to bitch about it? If you don't want to shave that's fine, but don't bitch about how much time it takes when in reality it isn't even 1% of your week. Nobody cares about a bit of stubble. You're just lazy, and coming up with excuses.

Don't slack because you have a man!

Damian95 16

That brave man is barking up the wrong tree.

Laser treatments ftw. 2-3 months of not having to worry about it.

Sweetpea22 14

Not everyone can afford laser treatment

How does its affordability take away from its usefulness? The amount spent on shaving supplies to stay hairless that long isn't as much, but it makes laser treatment seem a lot less expensive. If its alright for people to "go natural", its just as okay for people to want to be hairless. For those who want the later, laser treatments really are the best way to go...

Sweetpea22 14

Gee, I guess every woman can afford $600 every few months to get laser hair removal. It's not like there are more important things they could use the money for

Did anyone say every woman? Wtf? Most people can't afford a lambo, does that make it a shitty car? Your logic is ridiculous.

-sighh- Women troubles

Also, you can't get laser hair removal if you have blonde hair or very dark skin. The laser only destroys darkly pigmented cells, so it's not effective at removing light hair. And if you use it on dark skin it will burn you really badly.

Gothicbunnyx3 16

Just because you have a boyfriend doesn't mean women are obligated to shave their legs.

Parkour_rocks 20

They're not obligated, but if the boyfriend requests it, wouldn't it be polite to do so?

No, because women don't live to please men.

If anyone says something about a "hairy situation," they're going to get slugged in the gut.

Ladies please, don't fight. You can share the shaving cream.

I have to assume that "Daisy" is also what he calls your pussy. Oh, didn't you know? Well now you do. You're welcome.

Doc! This FML involves a dog; not a cat. FOR SHAME...

I wasn't talking about a cat.

I get it, but it's still not that funny.

A joke well put, but not well understood by the masses.

#40 - I agree. My stupid comment sounded better in my stupid head.

Ehh it happens Doc.

Goodness. Doc was alot funnier a few years ago.

That's pretty sad.

It's sad because he is such a dramaqueen

winter isn't here yet. shave those legs lady!

It may not be winter, but where I live it's pretty cold already, and we've already had frost. You can't just assume it isn't cold until the first day of winter.

hcollins1 18

Not to mention, some people, myself included, work most of the time and I have to wear long pants all year round and for the most part my friends work opposite schedules so all I do for the most part is work and go home. Great life right? Haha Anyways, with that being said I do not necessarily have to shave them because it's not winter yet. Who's going to see whether or not I've shaved my legs?

Ew... never stop taking care of yourself just because you have a man. They'll realize eventually.

hcollins1 18

You do know that way back in the day women never shaved, right? Not to mention (and I've witnessed this) there are still some women that don't shave period. Just because she didn't want to shave for however long does not make it 'ew'. It just means she didn't feel like shaving.

I don't shave every day. Often, I'm more cactus-like than smooth. But my boyfriend doesn't care, and sure as hell doesn't comment about them. Girls already do so much to impress not only males but other people, such as makeup and clothing and hair, that I guess it's the end of the damn world if we don't shave for a few days.

You people realize that daily showers are also just a social standard that's only existed for around 100 years? Anyone want to date the guy who showers once a week?

Sweetpea22 14

Honey, there is a difference between not showering every day and not shaving your legs. Nice fail

hcollins1 18

85, and the same goes for brushing your teeth. Do you want to date someone that brushes their teeth once a week? How are you going to compare shaving to being clean?

hcollins1 18

I would also like to add that I (and probably most, if not all people) don't consider daily showers as a 'social standard'. It's more of personal hygiene.

Parkour_rocks 20

I would just like to point out that the OP said she NEEDS to shave. Indicating that it is something that she does not feel opposed to, and more than likely has just stopped doing for some reason or another. I doubt she would have said needs if it's something she never does.

If their that hairy get the weed wacker

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RoseFox0029 22

While I get the weed wacker, can I get you a dictionary?