By Anonymous - 21/11/2010 05:39 - United States

Today, I learned the hard way that if you're going to pour bleach on bugs to kill them, you need to be prepared for them to fly up and try to attack your face. FML
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omg like YDI for killing bugs and fucking up the natural balance of the world! support PETA 4 lyf No really, but bleach? Did you not have anything to hit them with or something?

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leasson learned


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leasson learned

more smart, more safe, Mortein!

you did it the wrong way, you get a lighter and some deodorant and fry the bastards, it's more humane that way.

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^....and smells better too! ^_^

Yes but if a woman utilized fire her house would be gone with the bugs.

Ellen Ripley had a flamethrower and knew how to use it. But then again, OP isn't Ellen Ripley.

that's what I do. either deodorant or just douse them in lighter fluid and fire to the little bastards.

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43 you are my new idol man. Op, do you not know how to squash a bug?

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Ha, actually, I just looked at your photo, and nevermind :P

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Kill them with fire.

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I used a lighter and binaca breath spray. the short bursts are safer.

ouch. that sucks!!

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omg like YDI for killing bugs and fucking up the natural balance of the world! support PETA 4 lyf No really, but bleach? Did you not have anything to hit them with or something?

Well, I'm pretty sure she didn't want to dirty her cooking equipment.

I am disturbed and attracted to your photo all at the same time. :)

Im pretty sure that is the natural order

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Agreed! nd I'm with 27 on tht one! lol ^^,

I second that! xD

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I'm gonna go with disturbed.

people eating tasty animals?

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oh me too.(;

PETA is for animals, not, o support PETA!!!! People Eating Tasty Animals!!!!

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Why would you use bleach in the first place? Even if the bugs didn't fly at your face, the outcome still could have been pretty grim. There are easier and safer ways to get rid of bugs.

Whoa there, cowboy, why would the gender matter?

You desperately need to work on your trolling.

That's not how you troll... Now shut up and make me a sandwich. Bitch.

That's what you think, my little faux troll.

And people wonder why you hate everyone 25....

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They make sprays designed for stuff like that. Also you could have just crushed them.

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Magnifying glass!

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Windex works just as well. If its a solution in a spray bottle, and the bugs aren't incredibly huge, the spray keeps them from flying. As Bill Nye says (or used to say?) NOW YOU KNOW!

lmao reminds me of the dad from my big fat Greek wedding

haha and also febreeze air freshener! it works

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bill bye is awesome lol. I always looked forward to watching his shows in science class

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Nerd ^

^ jealous because he doesn't understand anything outside playing with balls and wearing tights.. I mean football.

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Why the hell would you even want to?

i use hairspray on hornets. they get kinda high and their wings get all sticky, then i smoosh them

stick em with Semtex. payback! +100!

Chopper Gunner!

So hav3 y0u guys ev3r tryed drinking bleach?? xD

I hav3 its surper epic xD

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not enough bleach in your gene pool?!

Bleach makes a pretty good murder weapon. As I recall, by the time you die, it has dissolved in your bloodstream and won't show up on toxicology screens. Of course, I'm not a murderer or a doctor, so that could be bullshit.

lol metalocalypse Guys I heard bleach is really healthy for ya

Drinking bleach makes you type like a fucking idiot. Think I'll stick to tea, mate.

please, don't reproduce