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I try not to hit people when I'm being tickled, but I swear. You pester someone and they tell you to stop, but you're surprised that they physically retaliate when you don't?

  nonynony  |  0

When I do it, it's not like I feel the need to physically retaliate, it's that I CAN'T HELP IT. It's a reflexive action. No matter how many times I tell my boyfriend to stop, he doesn't. Do I feel bad when I accidentally kick him, then? No! I warned him.

  fringle  |  0

WTF is with all these fmls about happy sacks. Maybe you're the son of the guy who "marched over and stopped a fight" and the guy who got his squished by a mirror. Notice I said they were both guys. *hand to chin*

  jakedmagic  |  0

Never kick a guy in the balls, its the worst thing you can ever do. I mean, have you noticed how guys never hit each other in the balls? (unless they're pussies or in a life/death situation) Its because they know how much it hurts. I mean sure, hit him in the stomach but NEVER the "happy sack". Got that? Okay.

  Kronic_Kitten  |  0

After I read this I instantly thought about Family Guy when Lois hit Peter with a frying pan lol....but that doesn't mean that this post is fake it's just the result of poor listening skills

  sulitak  |  27

no #100... I notice a lot of my guy friends yelling "cup check" or "sac tap" to each other then wham... right in the nuts.
The real thing you don't do: keep doing something to someone after they say stop

  cryssycakesx3  |  22

i feel like its borderline abuse by way of dismissing her requests to stop and completely disrespecting her personal boundaries, and then quite literally causing her physical and emotional distress.


teehee, you know it, Mercy. :]

I still say YDI for ripping off another FML by using "Happy Sacks" though. He needs to come up with another name for it, like Syphilis Worm, or Herpes Dragon.

  egaonogenki  |  0

In the words of my youngest sister: (laughless) "STOP TICKLING MY FEET!!!"

DO you need to say it extra fast? Text it: "STP TKLNG MY FT!"

  Natty23  |  0

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