By James - 31/07/2011 04:20 - United States

Today, I was at a local restaurant. The girl that I like walked by so I tried to give her a high five. My hand ended up on her boob instead. FML
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zakkyzebra 11

"**** first base, this bitch is mine!"

namhowell 6

Well you at least got that much action even if you 2 never go out.


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Atleast you got that much action from gere though

zakkyzebra 11

It look less than 7 minutes for your comment to be ignored on my iPod due to the amount of thumbs down votes. Congratulations.

I know thats just sad. I couldn't really think of anything good to say so i was like aww hell why not. Did I break and record for bein ignored? Anyone?

zakkyzebra 11

**** YOU. I was taking a shit when I looked at your profile picture. Holy fuckkkk....

zakkyzebra 11

xD wtf? that was in reply to 15.

zakkyzebra 11

FML, ******* up people's comments since the dawn of time.

YourEvilHero 12

today this creepy stalker guy randomly reached out and touched my boob. fml

Next time you may as well go for her ass.

Hahaha it's like super bad!! When he punched her in the boob an then the super awkwardness follows

Why does it say I agree your life sucks there should be EPIC WIN to vote

I don't see the problem here. Especially since there was no "she slapped me" or "she then called me a pervert and stormed away."

16- Then why did you bother saying anything at all?

There's something wrong if you feel that its an FML

namhowell 6

Well you at least got that much action even if you 2 never go out.

austinkiser 3

it's a miss understanding he's a midget so he might still have a chance

lol pulling the midgit card huh... :) atleast dude got boob to hand

santarosakid 5

I bet that after she tried giving you a high five but it ended up on your face instead

I've done it to a friend before. Awkward situation. :/

NastyNinja31 0

We all kno u were checking for Brest cancer

Today, this really perverted guy went to high five me as i walked past then he grabbed my boobs. FML

id give you a high five just for getting to 2nd base

Well op at least you got some good out that situation.

talensledge1 0

My gf let's me grab her boobs :D

I don't know any girls that find random boob slapping a turn on. Good luck with that.

Why? You don't think every girl just loves being slapped so that big bundles of fat bounce? Gee, what world do you come from? Smack dat! I love sarcasm

what!!?!?!??! I thought only i was turned on by that! :o i too love sarcasm

I can't thumb down your comment from my iPod.

Ali_Br_fml 33

you have to scroll then swipe for the thumbs... Keep testing, it's not directly in the middle... And OP, if it was an accident, I'm sure she'll understand later. when I was in middle school, some guy who liked me did that by accident, but I knew it was an accident, so I didn't make a fuss of it. Good luck with your girl troubles.

nikkilorenz7 5

you spaced so much on your comment, that everytime i try to click the thumbs down button on my iPod, it won't let me.

Yeh you can, tap on the comment itself and you can

AaronTkr 0

66 shouldn't have so many likes for being retarded. he just has to click the comment itself.

66-if I could I would thumb down it for you

MsRandomKatie 0

Look who earned the title of creep! Congratulations!

agaba 0

Yea I dont know what's worse the fact that that happened to me before or the fact that my name is James and I'm in massachusetts O_o I never submitted an FML for this

He didn't earn that title! He got there by lucky accident. I worked hard for years to get there.

zakkyzebra 11

"**** first base, this bitch is mine!"

And then she gave you a low-five in the balls?

tsim_fml 0

Correction: A low 4, she actualy lost a toe when she dropped a knife on herself dhen she was 7.

L1v3_L0v3_Lau9h 18

#40, what are you on about? -.-

Hahahah I love how #40s comment was not only completely irrelevant, but was also stupid and not funny. If you're gonna make irrelevant comments, at least have them be funny. Moron.

If that was the case he would have gotten to feel her boob and she would have touched his balls all in one day. Farther than most guys get with their crushes. Haha

#40 could have just said the funniest thing ive read today!!! LOLZ ^_^